Paederia Foetida

 What Is Paederia Foetida

Paederia Foetida is a traditional herb commonly used to boost digestive health, also know as Prasarini, Akar Sekuntut and Gandhali, it has also been linked to improvements in male vitality.

Common to the Central Eastern areas of the Himilayas ( at heights of 5000ft and above), it can also be found in areas of Malaysia.

It can also be found in asian foods due to its highly aromatic properties.img_1805

There are no recommendations available that confirm minimum and maximum doses, its key components include

  • Paederine
  • Hentriacontane
  • Iriod Glycoloses
  • Ceryl Alcohol
  • Methylermercaptan
  • Palmitic Acid
  • Ursolic Acid
  • Stigmasterol
  • Camperestol

Uses Of Paederia Foetida

Apart from its use in the treatment of digestive disorders, it has not been subjected to many in-depth studies, it has been considered to have some anti-inflammatory effects along with anti oxidant properties.

When looking at its ability to increase both sexual function and testosterone production, a small number of clinical trials ( 2) that have been carried out on Rats have shown increases in testosterone, along with increased sperm levels and vascularity..

Test rats also showed an increase in erection capability.

The main study was carried out at the department of Pharmaceutical sciences, Dr HS Gour University, Sagar, India.. Wistar rats were given doses ranging between 50 and 200mg/kg bodyweight, and the results in the rats taking the higher dose did demonstrate a libido boosting ability.

Read Information On The Study Results Here – 

There have been no trials carried out on actual human subjects, so the safety and actual benefits of taking Paederia Foetida are as of yet unknown and most certainly unproven.


Although some libido boosting benefits have been suggested by the inclusion of Paederia Foetida in daily supplementation, there is no clinical proof of its effects on humans….we suggest that until such time as research is actually carried out on male subjects, that this ingredient be avoided….

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