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Are Oysters Natures Best Testosterone Booster?

Nature has provided us with some fantastic sources of healthy vitamins and minerals, none more so than Oyster… love them or hate them, they are one of the most powerful sources of Zinc and other essential vitamins including Vitamin D.

Food such as oysters are considered to be one of natures superfoods, and can help take your health updigestive_01_img0127 to another level, far more so than many other foods..

This is particularly the case when trying to boost low testosterone levels

For those who do not like eating oysters, you should not miss out on what this ingredient can offer, you can now find oyster extract in a few products made by forward thinking manufacturers that have harnessed the amazing healthy benefits of this natural food source.

Benefits Of Taking Oyster In Supplement Form

Bone Density

Oyster is a very good source of calcium, this can help to strengthen bones, that can ( with age) begin to weaken and deteriorate.

Muscles And Strength

Oysters are also very high in Potassium, with low levels creating general feelings of weakness in the body, you can improve general strength and tone by increasing potassium levels. You can get potassium from a number of foods including many fruits and vegetables.. Oysters however can provide more of this essential mineral than many other food types put together.

Fighting Fatigue

build-muscle-in-older-manIron is another crucial mineral found in oysters, essential to help maintain good levels of red blood cells which carry oxygen around the body… Low levels of iron can cause tiredness and lack of energy

Metabolic Function

Iodine, found in good amounts in Oysters help to support a healthy thyroid gland, when iodine levels drop, our body’s metabolism can drop, which results in increased body fat and reduced energy. By increasing iodine levels, we can help reduce any body fat and boost general energy levels.


Oysters are extremely high in Zinc, in fact up to 5 times more than the finest lean beef. Zinc as we have examined before in another article, is crucial to the healthy development of sperm, it helps to boost sexual response and can have a positive effect on low libido and erection problems, both classic signs of reduced testosterone levels.

Clinical studies have proven that increased Zinc consumption can help increase low levels of testosterone by up to 84% in around 6 weeks

Oyster Extract In Testosterone Boosters

A small number of supplement manufacturers have recognised the powerful testosterone boosting power of Oyster extract and now include it in their formulas. After reading the evidence, its certainly one to consider taking…

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