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What Is Ornithine – Can It Boost Testosterone

Ornithine ( correct name L-Ornithine) is a natural amino acid that is one of 3 produced during the urea cycle in the body.. It is actually produced from two other amino acids namely the two best know that are L-Arginine and L-Citrulline

It can be found in some health supplements, and does have some uses in the treatment of some health aspects..

450px-L-Ornithine_structure.svgIts Uses

Ornithine has been shown in studies to help reduce the quantity of ammonia in the body – often a by product of increased strenuous exercise

Other effects have been determined including its effects on reducing cases of fatigue, improving sleep quality and it can have some beneficial effects on cortisol ( the stress hormone) production.

Taking Ornithine

Recommended safe doses appear to be in the range of between 2000-6000 mg per day there have been cases of intestinal distress being caused in test subjects taking doses of 10000mg and over.

Side Effects

Shares similar effects to Arginine in that it can cause intestinal issues with diarrhoea being quite common when taken at doses over 10000mg daily

Ornithine And Its Effects On Testosterone

There have been very few studies on the testosterone boosting properties of Ornithine…

One published study saw a dual combination of Ornithine and Arginine given to healthy adult males who undertook regular resistance exercise… Over a period of three weeks, doses of 2,200mg Ornithine and and 3000mg Arginine, failed to achieve any rise or fall in testosterone levels.

Read The Study Results Here


Ornithine offers no proven results regarding its testosterone boosting effects, its side effects namely diarrhoea and possible intestinal issues, largely outweigh any possible benefits..

Not Recommended…

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