New UK Study Calls For TRT to Treat Andropause

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2015)

New UK Study Calls For TRT to Treat Andropause

Proof That Andropause Exists And That Testosterone Holds The Key

A new ( some would call controversial) study has said that the andropause ( aka male menopause )is real and that suffered should use testosterone supplements to help in its treatment..

The study, carried out at the acclaimed Centre For Mens Health in London tells us that image20% of all men aged 50 and over have reduced testosterone levels, with many sufferers reporting back with symptoms that include low libido, night sweats, joint pain and increased body fat…

The centre has treated over 2000 men with testosterone therapy for over 26 years, and the chief medical officer – a Professor Malcolm Carruthers believes that this recent study supports both the necessity and safety of testosterone therapy used in the treatment of these symptoms…. something that has caused disagreement from his peers….

Professor Frederick Wu of Manchester university strongly disagrees with Professor Carruthers’, calling his comments misleading and potentially dangerous.. he feels that more research is required before men are treated with testosterone therapy…other experts agree….


In the US there are hundreds of lawsuits currently being processed that have been brought to the courts by men who claim that certain testosterone drugs ( gels and creams in particular) caused them to have heart attacks and strokes – something that they claim the manufacturers knew of the risks, but failed to correctly advise both doctors and the patients themselves…

For years experts have almost scoffed at the idea that men actually suffer bodily changes with age, and that in truth, instead of a natural bodily change it was more likely to be down to stress caused by a so called ‘mid life crisis’testosterone-cream

The study has shown that many men do indeed experience changes and symptoms not unlike those suffered by women during the menopause.

Recent research has also shown that on average, men with reduced testosterone levels were likely to have a shorter life expectancy too..


Despite all the differing arguments both for and against drug based testosterone therapy… and especially in the light of the lawsuits etc, we strongly feel that the best way forward currently is to use natural testosterone boosters instead of drug based therapy… these supplements do not put actual testosterone into your body – something that has certainly triggered adverse reactions in some men, instead, a good well formulated T-booster will promote and encourage your body to increase the natural production of your own hormone…. something that is proven to be far safer and just as effective….

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