Natural Testosterone Boosters

Discover The Benefits Of Natural Testosterone Supplements

With all the negative media reports surrounding prescription based testosterone boosting therapy, its refreshing to know that there are some natural, highly effective alternatives to these drug based and prescription treatments.


Recent lawsuits filed in various states have hit the headlines over the past few months, with claimants requesting damages from manufacturers for health problems ( in particular heart attacks) caused by taking or using their testosterone boosting drugs.

They claim that the manufacturers failed to highlight and make public the adverse risks.

Why Use A Natural Testosterone Booster

A good testosterone booster can offer any man suffering the effects of low testosterone a generally safer and more natural way to reverse the effects of the problem..

With reduced sex drive, increased body fat, decreased muscle tone and a distinct lack of energy all common effects of low Testosterone, its little wonder that so many men are now seeking treatment.

Unlike prescription treatments that use actual or synthetic testosterone, a good natural Testosterone Booster works in a slightly different way

Instead of introducing preset amounts of the actual hormone into the body…. Natural testosterone boosters deliver essential nutrients and vitamins that encourage the body to make more of its own natural testosterone

Instead of directly adding more hormone ( which can increase the risk of side effects) by helping the body to produce more of its own natural testosterone, the body is less likely to suffer any ill-effects and the end results are usually the same.

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A Good Natural Testosterone Booster Can Help Men To

  • Regain Lost Sex Drive
  • Enjoy Stronger Erections
  • Reduce Excess Body Fat
  • Gain More Lean Muscle Mass
  • Experience Better Moods and Sleep Quality
  • Regain Energy And Vitality.

Most ingredients in a natural testosterone boosting supplement are plant or herbal based, many can be commonly found in ancient Eastern and Asian traditional medicines.

If you look at and compare the ingredient profiles of natural T boosters, you will find a massive list of different ingredients commonly used by various manufacturers…

Out of the many natural ingredients out there, there are only small number that have actually been subjected to any official or clinical testing and there are even fewer that have actually proved their testosterone boosting effectiveness.

This is a crucial point to remember if considering a natural Testosterone booster

Most supplement manufacturers make some quite powerful claims regarding their products effectiveness… the sad truth is that for the majority, their claims are simply marketing ‘hype’ and cannot always be substantiated.

There are of course some excellent products that use the right ingredients ( those that have been clinically tested) in effective amounts and of course these products can and will deliver some fantastic results.

Best Natural Testosterone Boosting Ingredients

We have examined the more popular natural ingredients and report on their safety and effectiveness in the following articles…

Natural Ingredients With Proven Testosterone Boosting Properties

D-Aspartic Acid ( DAA )  (proven to boost testosterone by 40% in 12 days)

Mondia Whitei  (Amazing African Herbal Testosterone and Libido Boosting Extract 

Vitamin D     ( studies show up to  30% increase in Testosterone)

Fenugreek   ( Proven Libido Booster – Effective In Studies)

Stinging Nettle Extract  (Anti Estrogen Properties – Essential)

Oyster Extract   (Very High In Zinc – Powerful Libido Booster )

Testofen    (Registered Brand Name For Fenugreek Extract)

Zinc    (Essential Component For T Boosting – Good Libido Support)

Magnesium   (Works alongside Zinc – Essential)

Boron  ( Latest Studies Prove Its Testosterone Boosting Ability)

Shilajit  ( Demonstrated T-boosting effects in in infertile men )

Mucuna Pruriens  (Trials prove its effectiveness in men with low T)

Siberian Ginseng   (Increases energy and performance – reduces fatigue)

Ginger  (Positive Effects In Men Who Are Infertile)

Bulbine Natalensis     (Trials have shown increased T Levels in Rats – largely untested on humans – slight concern over possible risks to liver and kidneys)

Panax   (Some benefits in men suffering from extreme hypogonadism – generally ineffective in healthy men)

Prolensis (Registered brand name for Bulbine Natalensis)

Ashwagandha  (Slight Benefits)

Pedalium Murex ( Positive Effects Shown In Rats – Not Tested On Humans)

Luteolin (Proven In Trials To Have Positive Anti-Estrogen Effects)

L-Dopa  (Larger Doses have shown an ability to boost LH – Which in turn could boost testosterone production)

Fadogia Agrestis (has shown good results in one trial involving rats but has also possible toxicity issues – no human testing)

Baking Soda (rather surprisingly, this everyday ingredient has shown some amazing t-boosting benefits)


Other Ingredients Found In Testosterone Boosters

Banaba Leaf  (Unproven – Clinical Trials Inconclusive)

Tribulus Terrestris  (failed in numerous trials to have any effect On Testosterone Production – can however help to boost libido)

Milk Thistle ( No Proven Results In Trials)

Maca (Testosterone Boosting Properties Unproven, Can Help libido)

Icariin  (Proven Libido Enhancing Capabilities But Largely Ineffective as a T-Booster)

Ecdysteroids (Suma) (Proven Ineffective In Trials)

Hawthorn Berries ( Untested On Humans – Ineffective On Animals)

Gingko Biloba (No Proven T-Boosting Properties)

Saw Palmetto ( Does Not Promote Testosterone But Can help Control DHT And Possibly Reduce Hairloss In Some Males)

Astralagus (Unstudied and Un-proven)

Coleus Forskohlii (Rarely Studied, Slight Increases Seen In Obese Men)

Massularia Acuminata (Untested and Unproven)

Cordyceps (Unproven As a T Booster, Can Help libido)

DHEA (Ineffective – Possible Link To Prostate Cancer)

Cissus Quandrangularis (No Clinical Evidence)

Deer Velvet Antler (No Clinical Evidence)

Ginger Root (Minor Increases In Some Users – Largely Untested)

Licorice Root ( Trials Have Shown a Tendency To Actually Reduce Testosterone)

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack (Mild Effects In Extreme Cases of Hypogonadism – Otherwise largely ineffective – Can Help Libido)

Basella Alba (Largely Untested – Has Shown Mild Results In Test Animals)

Hibiscus Macranthus (Untested on Humans – Possible Results Shown on Lab Rats)

Rhodiola Rosea (No Clinical Evidence)

Paederia Foetida (Untested On Humans – No Evidence)

20-Hydroxyecdysone (No Clinical Evidence)

Damiana Leaf (Possible Anti Estrogen Effect – Lacks Clinical Testing)

Rhaponticum Carthamoides (Untested And Unproven)

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