Monster T Testosterone Booster Review

Monster T Testosterone Booster Review

Popular On Amazon, But Does Monster T Really Work?

Monster T is a naturally formulated T booster made by Uniscience Group… It promises it’s users that it will help them by:

  • Increasing Youthful Energy
  • Restore Peak Performance
  • Promote and Improve Strength and Endurance
  • Support Overall Male Wellness

The Formula In Monster T

The makers do fully detail their formula…. each serving includes:

  • Zinc Oxide 30mg
  • D-Aspartic Acid 3000mg
  • L-Citrulline 1500mg
  • Sting Nettle Leaf 140mg

Directions For Use

Take 6 capsules daily (either all together or spread through the day)… take for 5 days and then take a two day break before repeating…

Users Feedback

There are only a handful of reviews on Amazon, there is a mixed bag of feedback, some users enjoying some improvements and others not really seeing any difference whatsoever….

Any Reported Side Effects

There have been complaints about stomach upsets from a handful of users, and also the general feeling is that the capsules are very large to swallow (although this point is obviously not a side effect per se)

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Where To Buy Monster T

Amazon do appear to be a main stockist.. you can order a months supply (21 servings) for $39.95 plus shipping costs ( Amazon prime members can usually benefit from free shipping)

Any Cash Back Guarantee?

There is no mention of any guarantee being offered

Our Thoughts

At first glance the first thing we noticed was the huge dose of DAA in the mix (3000mg)… this is a proven testosterone boosting ingredient and one that we do suggest that you take in decent amounts…. Zinc is another excellent ingredient as is Nettle leaf for its ability to help free up testosterone from SHBG

The second largest ingredient by quantity is the amino acid L-Citrulline… now we all know the general health benefits of amino’s, but it is (to us) a strange addition in a T-Booster…. we have yet to uncover any clinical evidence that confirms any testosterone boosting ability.. what it can do is help boost nitric oxide levels which does in turn help boost blood flow which can then promote powerful erections in guys suffering with problems in that area, as well as provide increased energy levels….

That said.. it has also been linked to causing diarrhea, and similar stomach issues…so you do need to take anything with L-Citrulline with caution until you know that you can tolerate it…

It’s a shame that the makers have decided to leave out some of the other key T-Boosting ingredients, maybe using them in the mix in place of the afore mentioned L-Citrulline.. If it was down to us, we should have preferred to see Magnesium, Vitamin’s B6 and D3, alongside possibly Boron, and/or Fenugreek instead…

You might see some benefits largely down to the decent amount of D-Aspartic Acid in the mix, but overall this product falls short of the mark if you are looking for a good all round, well balanced Testosterone booster…

Quite frankly there are far better products out there…….

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