Mondia Whitei : Powerful T-Booster And Aphrodisiac?

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2020)

Mondia Whitei : Powerful T-Booster And Aphrodisiac?

I always get excited when I come across a new testosterone boosting ingredient and I want to tell you all about one that is proving itself in numerous clinical tests and trials.

The ingredient is called Mondia Whitei and its already making a name for itself as both a T-booster and an aphrodisiac/ libido enhancer.

mondia white flower

But What Is Mondia Whitei ?

In this article I take a good in-depth look at this ingredient and detail what sort of benefits you could expect.


Mondia Whitei is a traditional extract used for the treatment of male infertility and poor sexual response, having been used for many years in traditional medicine, and more recently having been subjected to in depth studies. 

It is one of only a handful of natural compounds that have solid clinical evidence behind them that supports its ability as an aphrodisiac.

An aromatic flowering plant that belongs to the periplocacea family of plants, found in tropical regions of Africa it is a woody climbing plant with a large tuberous root stock.

In certain countries it is known by different names, in Malawi for instance it is called Gondolosi. Another name that can appear on supplement labels is Mulondo.

The roots are used predominantly, with the main uses being for the treatment of poor libido, headaches and jaundice. 

The whole plant can be use for the treatment of diarrhea. It’s also not uncommon for men to drink the aqueous extract taken from the plant as an aphrodisiac, boosting libido, fertility, erection strength and desire.

To confirm the definition of an aphrodisiac, there are 3 basic types that generally work to boost :

  • Libido
  • Sperm Function
  • Potency

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Mondia Whitei As A Libido Booster

Aphrodisiacs that work to boost libido work by acting on the central nervous system, they alter and increase the specific neurotransmitter and sex hormone (testosterone being the main one) concentrations.

It can be effective in both men and women, but most results are centered around the increased levels of testosterone making it more effective in men.

Lab studies involving Rats have have confirmed that treatment with Mondia Whitei have produced significant increases in both serum and testicular testosterone levels. they also saw increase in both sperm density and testicular protein content – this is without a doubt due the the higher levels of testosterone.

These results confirm the sexual stimulant effects of Mondia Whitei proving its viability and use as an aphrodisiac.

mondia white powder

Potency Of Erections

Aphrodisiacs that work to boost erection potency basically improve vasodilation, this boosts blood flow to the tissues within the penis helping to boost erection strength and longevity. The drug Viagra (sildenafil) is a classic example, it relaxes and dilates the tissues in the corpus cavernosal muscle cells, helping to boost intracavernosal pressure, forcing blood flow into the cavernosal spaces, and producing a powerful erection.

The downside with drugs like Viagra does have some potential risky side effects and interactions that effect the cardiovascular system, especially in men who have heart failure or coronary ischema.  it can also cause headaches and vision disturbances.

Mondia Whitei has been proven to effectively reproduce the effects of viagra, it helps to relax the muscle tissues within the corpus cavernosum tissue. this is absolutely essential for the inducement and maintaining of solid erections. By reducing contraction of the corpus cavernosum it can help alleviate cases of erectile dysfunction. 

Sperm Function

The effectiveness of Mondia Whitei as an aphrodisiac and testosterone booster is strongly supported by clinical evidence. 

It boosts libido by increasing levels of testosterone, it can improve erection potency by relaxing the corpus cavernosum, allowing for improved blood flow to the penile tissue. 

It can also promote improved sperm motility, aiding fertility. It has proven itself as an effective treatment in cases of asthenozoospermia (poor motility) as well as erectile problems.

Taking Mondia Whitei As A Supplement

US based supplement manufacturer Timeless Botanicals market a top quality Mondia Whitei supplement that delivers a potent 600mg per daily serving. 

With no additives or harmful fillers its a top class product thats definitely worth checking out.

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