MDrive Elite Review

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

We Take A Look At MDrive’s Flagship Product

Does MDrive Elite Live Up To Its Own Hype?


Billed as the ultimate performance supplement aimed at boosting men like you to your full potential, the flagship product from Mdrive is their new Elite formula and it promises to help:

  • Boost Energy
  • Strength
  • Vitality
  • Drive

It promises to provide full scale energy activation and antioxidant protection, plus it also claims to aid brain function as well as provide improved lean body mass..

The Formula In Mdrive Elite

The key to any supplements success is its ingredient profile and Mdrive delivers a long list of ingredients per serving (3 capsules)

The formula is made up of:Mdrive_Elite___Mdrive___Naturally_Increase_Strength__Stamina_and_Overall_Vitality

Ingredient label courtesy of Mdrive official website

Taking Mdrive Elite

The suggested dose is 3 capsules daily preferably in the morning with food.

Users Feedback

It has to be said that there are a wide ranging point of view coming across from users of Mdrive Elite, these range from the fantastic to the decidedly poor..

with this product its hard to know if its going to work for you, the general feeling is that it could work for some, others will literally be wasting their money and their time.

Any Side Effects Reported

One user reported feeling light headed like he had ‘low sugar’ after using Mdrive Elite, apart from that, there are not too many adverse reactions to worry about.


Where To Buy

Available from most regular sources, you can buy direct or from Amazon, GNC and Walgreens

The list prices is $79.99, but you can usually get it for around the $60 mark. ( plus shipping)

Any Guarantees

Buying direct from the manufacturers provides you with a 60 day cash back guarantee ( refund is less shipping costs) but this guarantee does no usually apply when buying elsewhere.

Our Thoughts

For one of the biggest names in the industry, Mdrive Elite certainly leaves us feeling disappointed… despite all the talk and hype, quite simply, there is very little in this product that offers any clinical proven testosterone boosting properties…

Looking at the ingredients individually… apart from Zinc, Vitamin D, B6 and Fenugreek, most of the ingredients offer no proven testosterone boosting properties..

Cordydrive – ( Mdrive’s made up name for Cordyceps) has never been tested on humans regarding its ability to increase testosterone… a few trials involving rats and mice did show minor increases in energy but thats about it

More About Cordyceps

Maca Root is a common ingredient found in many male health supplements, it has been shown ( when taken in the correct quantities) to have a positive effect on libido and general sex drive in some users, but tests and trials have failed to demonstrate a link between its use and increased testosterone

More About Maca

Damiana – There have been a few trials carried out that involved lab rats ( none on humans), apart from a slight anti aromatase (anti estrogen) effect there appears to be no clinical proof that it can help boost testosterone

More About Damiana

Ashwagandha ( KSM-66) apart from an isolated study involving heavily fatigued Wistar rats which recorded a slight improvement, there is no documented proof that it can help boost testosterone in humans whatsoever

More About Ashwaganha

We Suggest

Give Mdrive Elite A Miss… It’s Simply Not Good Enough!

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(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

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