Massularia Acuminata

Natural African Herbal Medicine But Is Massularia Acuminata Effective At Boosting Low Testosterone ?

Massularia Acuminata is a herbal based treatment originating from Nigeria in Africa.

Local tribespeople use it as both a chewing stick, to help treat gum problems and it has been suggested that its extract has both aphrodisiac and testosterone boosting massularia_acuminata,_cameroon,_banyang_mbo,_1_2550_1eeb47properties.

Also know as Pako, Ljebu and Orin Ljebu, its extract appears in a few male health supplements aimed at boosting low testosterone and sexual response.

Recommended Dosage

Massularia Acuminata has only actually been clinically tested on Lab Rats, from this research, the estimated safe dosage for humans has been calculated out at 50mg per KG of body weight.

For a 150lb man this would work out at 550mg daily, 200lbs 700mg and so on.

Made up from a mixture of Alkaloids, Saponins, Phenolics, Flavanoids and Tannins, research has failed to identify a key active ingredient.

Uses Of Massularia Acuminata

Apart from the unsubstantiated claims on its testosterone boosting and libido enhancement abilities, the common use of Massularia Acuminata in Africa is as an anti gingivitis treatment

Effects On Testosterone And Libido Enhancement

The only clinical studies on Massularia Acuminata have involved lab rats.. in several studies there were some increases in testosterone shown.. the general feeling is that this increase was caused by increased sexual activity and not a direct result of the ingredient generating increases in testosterone production.

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One thing was apparent and that was lower doses seem to be more effective.

Is Massularia Acuminata Safe

It has been shown to be potentially harmful to the liver in Rats…. there have been no tests on humans to confirm or deny both the effects and risks


Untested and Unproven… don’t fall for the hype surrounding this ingredient..

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