Low Testosterone Linked To Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSB)

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2018)

Low Testosterone Linked To Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSB)

Could Your Favourite Soda Be Crucifying Your Testosterone?

We all love a nice cold soda, especially when the weather is lovely and warm. But did you know that these delicious soft drinks could be killing your testosterone levels?

testosterone and SSB

Investigators in the US have released details of a recent study that looked at the intake of sugar sweetened beverages (SSB) and low serum testosterone levels in men aged between 20 and 39.

A study carried out in Guangzhou China involving 545 men in this age group looked at the correlation between testosterone levels and SSB. The mean age of all test subjects was 28.9 years old.

It was found that men who drank over 442 kcal/day of SSB saw their testosterone levels reduced dramatically. Their actual chance of developing hypogonadism (extremely low testosterone increased 2.3 fold. This was compared with those men who only consumed 137 kcal/day or less.

Of all 545 test subjects, 59 of them had low testosterone.

The test results also looked BMI, as this is an independent risk factor for low testosterone. It was found the men with a BMI of 25 kg/m2 saw their odds of developing low testosterone by 3.7 fold when compared to those men with a BMI below 25kg/m2.

The lead doctor involved in the study – Liang Chen told us “The effects of SSB consumption on testosterone levels in adult males must be considered if primary and secondary hypogonadism have been ruled out as a source of low testosterone and related symptoms,”

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