Low Testosterone Linked To Depression

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2015)

Feeling Depressed? Check Your Testosterone Levels

January 28th 2015

Published in the medical Journal Biological Psychiatry are details of clinical studies recently carried out at the Medical University of Vienna that have highlighted a distinct link between reduced levels of testosterone and cases of Depressed Mandepression.

The Study

The study was somewhat unusual in that it studied 33 men who were seeking gender reassignment therapy…Their levels of Seratonin ( known as the feel good hormone which controls moods alongside many other bodily functions) were checked alongside their natural levels of testosterone…. the men in the group found suffering with reduced levels of testosterone also displayed symptoms of depression.

Siegfried Kasper – head of the Universities Department Of Psychiatry and psychotherapy told us

“ The study has shown that testosterone increases the potential binding sites for commonly prescribed antidepressants such as SSRIs in the brain and therefore provides major insights into how sex hormones affect the human brain and gender differences in psychiatric illnesses,”

The researchers hope that this study and its findings will help patients with depression ( currently over 350 million people worldwide) to be successfully treated.

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