Low Testosterone Increases Prostate Cancer Risk

Low Testosterone Can Increase Severity Of Prostate Cancer

An article in Australian based Oncology Update has announced details today of a study carried out in Melbourne that has highlighted the link between decreased testosterone Testosterone_points_to_prostate_cancer_risk___Oncology_Updatelevels and the risk of developing prostate cancer.

The study involving 154 patients with low risk prostate cancer were followed for 3 years…

It was discovered that 35% of these men ( 54 out of the original 154) progressed from having low risk to high risk disease.. the link between these men was that they all had free testosterone levels below 0,45ng/dl.

The study concluded that men with similar levels of free testosterone were up to 4 times more likely to become high risk and require radiation or surgery compared to those men with higher levels.

Researchers found no differences when comparing age, bone density, BMI or total testosterone levels

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