Low Testosterone And Inflammation

Causes Of Low Testosterone – Inflammation

One Of The Most Overlooked Causes Of Low T

You may not realise it but most of us are permanently in a state of chronic inflammation….and if you are suffering from Low Testosterone, it could be one of the major causes.. many of us think that we get inflammation when we are injured, or possibly with conditions such as arthritis for example.

Arthritis-common-health-problem-for-adultsThe truth is that our bodies are under attack from toxins all around us – known as free radicals, they attack the body internally, our cells don’t operate to their full capacity, and we tend to make more cortisol (stress hormone)..this in turn causes inflammation.

This can have a direct affect on our everyday living, we can start to suffer from stress, loss of libido, lethargy, lack of motivation and/or concentration… Thats not all, these toxins can also cause chronic conditions, such as migraines, rheumatism, thyroid problems, blood clots and reduced testosterone production

If you can reduce The natural inflammation caused by these free radicals/toxins, You can without doubt help to boost your testosterone naturally.

It’s Actually Quite Easy…

Your body needs a good balance of mineral, lipids, vitamins, fibre, electrolytes, carns, protein and anti-oxidants… if your body suffers a shortfall of any of these crucial elements, its whole process will ‘go out of wack’

Once the body becomes short in any of these, it naturally turns into a stressed state… more accurately it goes into oxidative stress.

This has a direct result of causing inflammation throughout the body, impeding the regular processes that make us fit and well.

To rectify and rebalance this oxidative stress, the first ting we can do is look at our diet.. There are some very good foods out there with excellent anti-oxidant effects that can help redress the effect of these free radicals.

Foods That Can Help Reduce Oxidative Stress Based Inflammation

Try to add some (or preferably all) of these to your daily diet

  • Fatty Fish
  • Cranberries
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Cherries
  • Pomegranate
  • Garlic
  • Tumeric

Plus don’t forget to eat plenty of dark leafy greens.

Other Ways To Reduce Oxidative Stress and Help Boost Testosterone

Exercise Regularly – you can lower inflammation by exercising… now we are img_oldermannot talking about hard intense workouts or running for miles (you can do this if you wish)… simply move your body more that you are used to.. use the stairs at work instead of the elevator.. walk rather than drive.. you get the picture….

There are some good studies that highlight the benefits that exercise can bring on stress and inflammation –

Click Here To Read Study 1 – 

Study 2 – 

Take A Good Supplement

There are a number of ingredients that are known to help reduce inflammation, some are already found in natural testosterone boosters

Two To Look For Are

Other things to take as supplements are

Fish Oil High in Omega 3  – Read Study –

Vitamin C – Read Study

Creatine – Read Study –

There are excellent natural ingredients and supplements that help treat low testosterone – discover how they work:

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