Low Testosterone And Estrogen

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

The Link Between Low Testosterone And Estrogen

This website is built to provide information about testosterone and its effects as we start to get a little older and its production reduces…

But there is another hormone that we do have to be aware about.. and it’s commonly mistaken as a female only hormone…

Yes thats right, we are talking about Estrogen (AKA Estradiol)…

Estrogen-and-TestosteroneBoth sexes have a mix of both hormones…. for us men, our levels of testosterone far outweigh the levels of estrogen that we have in our body..

It’s testosterone that is responsible for our strength, muscle mass, sex drive, hair growth – in fact everything that makes us the men we are….

In females, its estrogen that gives them their softer, more nurturing attitudes, it also helps with the development of their breasts and other sexual attributes.

Taking a scientific look at both hormones, they are remarkably similar in make up with just a couple of minor chemical differences separating two quite major hormones.

In men with low testosterone, it’s not uncommon for them to produce more estrogen….

This can lead to increased body fat, reduced sexual response and the development of gynecomastia (man boobs).

Why Do Estrogen Levels Increase In Men with Age

Its almost inevitable that as we age, we tend to build more body fat – maybe because we are not as active as we were when we were younger….

Increased adipose fat is one of the main reasons why we start to make more estrogen…. the higher levels of body fat, the greater the effects of aromatase ( the changing of testosterone into estrogen) –

Read more about aromatase here

testosterone_estrogen_aromatase Aromatase is one of the main reasons for increase estrogen in our body… it results in lost muscle tone and strength as well as the dreaded loss of libido.

It also starts a hard to break spiral of us gaining more weight – leading to increased body fat and therefore increased effects of aromatase

This is a key reason why exercising is even more critical as we get older… it helps to burn unwanted fat and help preserve our muscle tone.

Estrogen does have some uses in the male body however… one thing that it does do is that it helps to maintain our bone health….

So although we need to keep it under control to protect our testosterone levels, we do need to maintain healthy levels of estrogen to help guard against osteoporosis and similar bone conditions.

Estrogen – The Facts

Men do need estrogen, but only in relatively small amounts…

Allowing too much to develop, especially when we get a little older will only lead to some unpleasant effects that can include:

  • Decreased Testosterone Production
  • Increased Body Fat
  • Reduced Muscle Tone
  • Increased Risk Of Blood Clotting, Along With Increased Chance Of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Reduced Sex Drive/Erection Capability
  • Increased Risk Of Prostate Cancers

What To Do

Its crucial to try and get the balance of testosterone and estrogen correct….

There are some excellent testosterone boosting supplements that contain a scientifically balanced mix of anti estrogenic compounds along with ingredients containing proven testosterone boosting properties…

look for nettle extract as one very effective ingredient – its found in some of the better products.

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(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

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