Low T Drugs Are Safe For the Heart

Low Testosterone Drugs May Not Cause Heart Attacks

Nov 20th 2014 – Newsmax Health

The concerns over Low Testosterone prescription drugs and the risk of strokes and heart Testosterone_Supplements_Safe_for_Heart__Researchersattacks took another turn yesterday… After much speculation and lawsuits surrounding certain prescription treatments that are currently being heard in US courts, newsman health released details of a recent study recently revealed at the 2014 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions held in Chicago that showed that there is a possible chance that Low T treatments may not cause heart problems after all….

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The Study Results

The study was carried out by researchers at the Intermountain Heart Medical Centre in Murray Utah.

They studied 5695 men aged between 53 and 71 with low testosterone levels… Over a 260x217_ds-photo_getty_article_108_210_453844727_XScourse of three years, they discovered that those test subjects who took low testosterone treatments actually REDUCED their risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

This totally contradicts other reports and studies that have indicated that Low T drugs could increase the risk of cardiac problems and strokes.

The Scientists have stated that more studies are required to clarify these supposed benefits.

Currently over 2.3 million men in America are currently using Testosterone boosting products with 70% of all prescriptions being issued to men aged between 40 and 64

Our Thoughts

This is potentially good news for both patients and the testosterone drug industry.. however until testosterone drug based treatments are officially declared to be risk free, and before you start using low T drug based treatments – we do suggest that you check out some natural ways to boost testosterone – these are usually just as effective and more importantly – SAFER.

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