Lifting Heavy Weights To Boost Your Testosterone

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How Training With Heavy Weights Can Boost Your Testosterone Levels And Your Muscle Mass.

By Paul Gardner

lift heavy weights boost testosterone

If you want to boost your testosterone levels and muscle mass, you need to attack it from every angle and lift heavy weights.

You need to be eating a well thought out diet, use well chosen supplements, and follow a training regime that pushes you to your absolute limits. This entire process requires careful planning and forethought about everything from exercises selection, rep ranges and your overall approach.

This article explains just why lifting heavy weights is essential to build muscle and boost your testosterone levels at the same time.

The Basics About Testosterone

Testosterone is the key male hormone, a naturally occurring steroid that has a crucial role in both our development and our ongoing health and performance.

Mainly produced in the testes, it is an androgen hormone which means it is responsible for the regulation of our manly characteristics and traits.

It is the end result of a chain of hormonal events known as the Hypothalamic-pituitary gondola axis (HPG). 

The production of testosterone starts when the hypothalamus in the brain sends a hormone known as GnRH ( Gonadotrophin releasing hormone) to its neighbour – the Pituitary gland. 

This triggers the Pituitary to produce and secrete two other hormones – Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing hormone (LH) into the blood stream.

These pass through the blood and bind themselves to the receptors in the Leidig cells in the testes, which as direct result, triggers the production and release of Testosterone.

Muscle Building And Testosterone

normal testosterone levels

The normal range of testosterone levels in the blood should range between approximately 300ng.dl and 1000ng.dl.

Studies tell us that the average reading in healthy fit men is is around the 724ng.dl mark.

As we start to get that little bit older, its natural or our natural testosterone production to reduce. 

Experts tell us that from the age of 30 a decrease of between 1-2% per year is quite normal.

Usually unnoticeable at first, the effects of reducing testosterone production can include reduced muscle tone and strength along with decreased physical performance. It’s not uncommon for men too see an increase on body fat too along with a reduction in their libido.

At its peak, testosterone regulates everything from our bone mass, moods, body hair growth and fertility. 

Its androgenic effects also help to boost protein metabolism and the inhibition of protein breakdown. This is key to the building and maintenance of our muscle mass.

How Does Lifting Heavy Weights Boost Your Testosterone

Working out with heavy weights effect testosterone production in a positive manner. 

One key study showed that when men lifted 70% of their bodyweight for just 5 sets of 10 barbell squats their testosterone levels rose when compared to men who didn’t workout.

“There is a very powerful relationship between testosterone and the heaviness of the weights that you lift too.”

A landmark study into middle aged and older men discovered that resistance training with heavy weights combined with regular cardio exercise such as walking, swimming or cycling produced significant increases in both Free and Total testosterone. 

The test subjects were all aged between 40 and 72, they virtually all experienced noticeable muscle growth and increased 1 rep-max, meaning that their strength increased also.

It’s interesting to note that testosterone levels started to increase after just one workout.

A final study carried out over 21 weeks confirmed the link between strength training, and both muscle size and testosterone production. This proved the fact that Testosterone is an important part of building muscle mass.

How To Build Muscle Mass And Boost Testosterone – The Big Lifts

 bench press heavy weights

Research has determined that with any doubt, compound exercises give you the best results.

Multi joint, Multi muscle group lifts such as squats, deadlifts, pulls and presses are without any doubt the most effective. The more muscles that are activated and put under stress during an exercise, the better. 

Also, because you are using larger muscle groups, you can lift heavy weights.

A Scandinavian based study demonstrated that the more muscle groups being used in training, the greater improvements in mass, strength and anabolic hormone levels.

Not only does the amount of testosterone being released directly relate to the amount of muscles being used, lifting heavy weights also promote increased protein synthesis which of course leads to increased muscle gains. 

Compound exercises are proven to be the most effective at muscle overload, which is the secret to getting bigger muscles.

What To Do?

Ditch those curls, fly’s and kickbacks and get started with heavy weights. Perform bench presses, squats, dips and deadlifts and watch those muscles grow.

In The Gym

Ok, so you now know that to build your muscles and maximise your testosterone levels, you need to lift heavy weights.

“But How Heavy Is Heavy?”

Most of the research that I have uncovered suggests around 85% of your 1 rep maximum. So take a deep breath, dig in, and load those plates on…

Focus on Compound Moves

heavy weights deadlift

Lifts with heavy weights that use more than one muscle group; rows, overhead presses, dead lifts, squats, pull ups, and bench presses are without any doubt the way to proceed.

Use the Full Body Approach

When you are training with heavy weights, you need to forget the split training approach and think full body workout instead. 

Break your workout down into both upper body and lower body groups. Try to work all your muscle groups in one session. 

After all it’s been proven that the more muscles you workout with heavy weights, the higher your testosterone levels will become and you will enjoy better muscle gains.

To Sum Up

Clinical research has demonstrated that lifting heavy weights and performing compound, multi muscle group exercises are far more effective at boosting both muscle mass and testosterone production.

You can increase your results even further by using a good quality t-booster alongside these exercises, these contain essential mineral and vitamins that help trigger increased testosterone production and help increase strength and muscle mass.

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