Joint Pain And Low Testosterone

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

Joint Pain And Low Testosterone

Joint pain is one of common ailments in the world, just in the US alone, there are over 110 million adults enduring the daily misery of back and joint pain…It is a truly debilitating problem that brings with it, misery and often depression.

Scientists have now discovered that there is a defined link between the male hormone Testosterone and back/joint pain, the fluid found in most joints contains androgen receptors, which makes the link between the two a strong one

Testosterone is the key male hormone and it responsible for making you the ‘man’ that you are.. Overall health, muscle mass, body hair, sex drive, moods, you name it, testosterone plays a part in it.

After we reach the age of about 30, our natural testosterone production starts to reduce. –

Experts tell us at a rate of about 2% per year, slowly, and without a visible effect at first, our physique, and health will gradually deteriorate, by the time we reach our 50’s, our muscle tone and strength is noticeably reduced, sex drive can deplete and we often gain a few extra pounds in weight….

These are not the only signs however, reduced testosterone can also bring on other more unpleasant conditions, such as Osteoporosis, Heart issues, Diabetes, Obesity, Blood pressure problems, and potentially even things like Strokes and Alzheimers…

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A recent study in the Journal Of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that men who’s testosterone levels dropped below 241ng.dl were up to 40% more likely to die of health related issues than men with higher, more normal levels.

The Link Between Testosterone And Back/Joint Pain

Research has shown us that the androgen receptors found in the sacs containing joint fluid play large part in both immune and inflammatory pathways, the sacs of fluid help to lubricate the joints, helping them to retain their suppleness and allow them to move without any restriction.

Research has shown that lower testosterone levels are a major risk factor for causing joint and back pain. Studies demonstrated that men with lower levels of androgen receptors were more likely to develop joint and /or back pain, they are also more likely to develop arthritis and also conditions such as ankylosing spondylitis

The journal Rheumatology published a study that clearly demonstrated the link between men with rheumatoid arthritis and low androgen levels, the study concluded by stating that low testosterone had a pathogenic role in joint, bone and back conditions.

104 men with rheumatoid arthritis were tested, 33 were found to have very low testosterone but only 7 men had normal testosterone levels which is a huge difference and is sufficient evidence to back up the experts findings and claims.


Maintaining a healthy level of testosterone production as you get older, will not only help you maintain your youthful muscle tone, strength, energy and sex drive, its effects go much further than that, having a real positive effect on your overall health and potentially your life expectancy…

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