Is Testosterone Therapy Right For You

Is Testosterone Therapy The Right Treatment For Me

The increase in TV advertising highlighting the effects of low testosterone and the benefits of treatment has led to a massive number of men seeking treatment from their doctors.

Symptoms such as poor moods, gains in body fat along with a noticeable drop in sex Couple_On_Beach_Smalldrive are all suffered if your testosterone is low… but low Testosterone is not the only reason for those problems.. so go see your doctor first and if they think that low T could be the problem, they will take a blood test to confirm the diagnosis.

Testosterone therapy can be highly effective, but it is not without risks and the potential for side effects…This is the reason why you should never buy prescription type testosterone treatment drugs online without speaking to your doctor… there have been cases of men suffering heart attacks and even deaths after taking T boosting drugs unsupervised.

The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone can be hard to spot, as the levels naturally reduce over time.. experts tell us that after the age of 30, our natural testosterone levels drop by 1% a year.

Low Testosterone Symptoms Can Include

  • Reduced sex drive
  • Erection problems
  • Reduced energy/fatigue
  • Lack of concentration
  • Poor moods
  • Increased anger

Doctors will usually perform a blood test and if the results indicate low testosterone levels alongside some or all of these symptoms, they will usually recommend a course of testosterone replacement therapy.

The Different Types Of Testosterone Therapy

testosterone-therapyDrug based Testosterone Therapy is available in several forms:

Testosterone Patch – Adhesive patch that is stuck to the skin ( usually the upper arm, or shoulder) it contains testosterone that is absorbed directly through the skin and into the blood stream. Patches are usually changed daily.

Testosterone Gel – Testosterone is absorbed through the skin when the gel is applied once a day….

Mouth Patch – A small patch or pill that is stuck to the inside of the gum, allowing testosterone to be absorbed directly through the oral tissues and into the bloodstream.

Injections and Implants – Testosterone can be injected directly into the muscles where it is slowly absorbed into the blood stream, and pellets that are placed just under the skin release testosterone gradually..

Testosterone Pills – Prescription drugs and testosterone in pill form are available, but many experts feel that taking testosterone this way can possibly cause harm to the liver…. the other methods bypass the liver, putting testosterone directly into the bloodstream are generally preferred by the medical community…

Natural testosterone boosting supplements – ( available to buy without prescription ) are often found in pill form and instead of actual testosterone contain natural nutrients that help encourage your body to make more of your own testosterone and these are generally considered to be safe and for most users quite effective.

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Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Safe For Me

Overall, taking TRT is generally considered safe as long as its used strictly under doctors guidance and prescription… most users do feel the benefits and most experience only mild side effects such as irritation or rashes at the site where the testosterone is administered..

The long term risks of TRT are still largely unknown, the lack of clinical trials leaving a testosteronefew doubts in many doctors minds.

There are a few health conditions that it is known that Testosterone therapy can make worse… these include

Prostate Cancer – testosterone can make the prostate (And the cancer if present) grow

Sleep Apnea – Has been known to be increased while using testosterone therapy

Erythrocytosis – High Red Blood Cell count – can cause thickening of the blood and increase the risks of strokes and heart attacks

Heart Disease/Failure – Men with heart problems should not take TRT as it could make the problem worse

It will be some time before studies determine whether the long term treatments involving actual testosterone are safe.. your doctor will consider and advise you if it is the right thing for you.

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