Is Low Testosterone Dangerous To Your Health

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2019)

Is Low Testosterone Dangerous To Your Health?

low-testosterone-symptomsLow Testosterone ( AKA – Low T or Hypogonadism) can and almost certainly will affectmany men over the age of 30—35 and onwards… at its peak in our teens and 20’s the average man’s natural testosterone production will reduce slowly but steadily at the rate of between 1-2% per year from the age of 30.

This gradual reduction means that most of us will in time experience (to varying degrees) the side effects of this ever reducing downturn which can include:

  • Reduced Muscle Tone and Strength
  • Increased Body Fat
  • Poor Moods
  • Lack Of Concentration
  • Decreased Libido and/or Sexual Function

The Urology Care Foundation tell us that on average 39% of all men aged over 45 have low testosterone, by the time they reach their 70’s and beyond over half of all men will be experiencing problems of one form or another.

Read The Urology Care Article Here – 

Why Do Testosterone Levels Drop In The First Place

For many men, it’s simply getting older that causes the problems, as natural testosterone production declines with age.. There are other causes however that could cause a downturn in testosterone production regardless of age….. some examples include:

  • Injury to the testicles
  • Chemotherapy and other similar treatments
  • Disease to the pituitary gland
  • Drugs Such as Steroid treatments

The Effects Of Low Testosterone

The first thing to hit most men is a downturn in their desire and possible ability to have sex…. low testosterone reduces the natural sex drive in many men, and they can also suffer from reduced erection capability, which can if left unchecked,have a detrimental effect on a personal relationship

Other effects include, increased body fat, poor moods, lack of concentration, problems with sleep, lost muscle tone and reduced strength.

Health Concerns Related To Low TestosteroneJCEM

A study reported in The Journal Of Clinical Endocrinology And Metabolism (Read Study Here) –  tells us that long term reductions in testosterone can be responsible for the onset of various life changing, some even life threatening health conditions that can include:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Certain Cancers ( Prostate being a main concern)


If you think that you could be suffering with low testosterone, its important to seek treatment as soon as possible..

There are many different treatment methods available.. to decide which one could be the best options for you –

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The Link between Prostate Cancer And Low Testosterone

A new study published in the BJU International has revealed that in men with low risk prostate cancer that reduced levels of testosterone could indicate a worsening of the disease..


The study results could help doctors identify which of those patients could benefit from increased or intensive anti cancer treatments..

Doctors currently have no real way of knowing which patients could develop more aggressive forms of prostate cancer without active surveillance..

It is thought that monitoring testosterone levels could be a simple and effective way of discovering any increased risk of the disease.

The study carried out in Chile looked at 154 men with low risk prostate cancer for 38 months…

The scientists following the patients discovered that low levels of free testosterone was linked quite significantly with an increased risk of more aggressive prostate cancer..

Dr Ignacio San Francisco, the lead physician in charge of the study revealed – “These results suggest low levels of testosterone are associated with more aggressive prostate cancer.

This contradicts long-held beliefs that high testosterone is risky for prostate cancer, and low testosterone is protective,”

More Studies Are Planned Read The Full Article Here – 

Testosterone Therapy and Strokes – The Real Risks

Since 2000, prescriptions for testosterone therapy in the US alone have increased by over 500% with the number of annual prescriptions now reaching 5.3 million per year and creating a market value of $1.6 billion.


A report issued in the Journal Of The American Medical Association revealed that men who under go prescription drug based testosterone therapy (TRT) were up to 30% more likely to suffer stroke, cardiac arrest and even death as a direct result of the treatments.

Over the past year countless law suits have been filed against manufacturers of products such as Androgel and Testim with users claiming that the prescription drugs have caused blood clots, heart attacks and strokes.

Although approved by the FDA, manufacturers have marketed their products aggressively, telling men that they can regain their vigour, libido and muscle tone by taking these drugs…

Experts feel that the drugs are commonly over prescribed, often to men who really do not need them, or who are suffering from different conditions*.

Certain manufacturers have also been accused of obscuring the real risks involved when taking these drugs.

*Some of low testosterone symptoms including lethargy, and erectile dysfunction.. these can sometimes be caused by other conditions, such as thyroid disorder or vitamin B12 deficiency

There is of course a legitimate and valid reason for taking these drugs in many cases, but doctors have been advised to increase testing of patients before making the decision to prescribe TRT.

They have also been advised to monitor patients more closely while undergoing the treatment.

Studies That Link TRT to Stroke and Vascular Problems

There are a number of studies that have demonstrated a firm link between TRT and potentially fatal health risks:


Blood clots are another risk of prescription based testosterone therapy.

Studies have shown that these drugs can cause a blood disorder known as polycythemia

This is when both blood red cell count and haemoglobin increases, making the blood thicker and also elevating blood pressure.. this increases the chance of blood clots developing.

TRT also increases thromboxane production which causes the blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood flow even further.

It is believed that blood clots could develop within a month or so of starting TRT….

A study published in the August 2013 issue of Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis revealed that 1.2% of men admitted to hospital with blood clots were in the first 12 weeks of testosterone treatment.

FDA Review

Following on from these and other studies, the FDA have announced that they have opened an investigation into the risks of these and other health issues.

They have not (yet) advised anybody on TRT to stop treatment, but they do suggest that patients themselves weigh up the benefits of taking these drugs, when compared to the risks while research continues.

Natural Testosterone Supplements

For some men, the risks with drug based testosterone therapies is too great and they consider natural ways of boosting testosterone.

There are some very effective natural testosterone supplements that have proven themselves equal to drug based therapies in terms of results… where they also benefit users is the fact that they offer minimal health risks and most men suffer no ill effects whatsoever.

A natural testosterone booster works with your body to help increased the natural production of your own testosterone..

Unlike drugs that put synthetic or foreign testosterone into your body, any increase of your own genetic testosterone is less likely to trigger any adverse reactions, and will offer the same benefits.

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Low Testosterone Drugs May Not Cause Heart Attacks


The concerns over Low Testosterone prescription drugs and the risk of strokes and heart attacks took another turn yesterday…

After much speculation and lawsuits surrounding certain prescription treatments that are currently being heard in US courts, newsman health released details of a recent study recently revealed at the 2014 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions held in Chicago that showed that there is a possible chance that Low T treatments may not cause heart problems after all….

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The Study Results

The study was carried out by researchers at the Intermountain Heart Medical Centre in Murray Utah.They studied 5695 men aged between 53 and 71 with low testosterone levels…

Over a course of three years, they discovered that those test subjects who took low testosterone treatments actually REDUCED their risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

This totally contradicts other reports and studies that have indicated that Low T drugs could increase the risk of cardiac problems and strokes.

The Scientists have stated that more studies are required to clarify these supposed benefits.

Currently over 2.3 million men in America are currently using Testosterone boosting products with 70% of all prescriptions being issued to men aged between 40 and 64

Our Thoughts

This is potentially good news for both patients and the testosterone drug industry..

However until testosterone drug based treatments are officially declared to be risk free, and before you start using low T drug based treatments – we do suggest that you check out some natural ways to boost testosterone – these are usually just as effective and more importantly – SAFER.

Low T and Erectile Dysfunction (ED) The Facts

Often Confused For One Another – Discover The Differences And Links Between ED and Low T

Men with Low Testosterone levels will generally experience a reduced sexual desire and sometimes can also find that they have trouble getting or keeping an erection long enough to enable them to have sexual Intercourse (aka erectile dysfunction ).

Erectile-DysfunctionAlthough Erection Difficulties and Low Testosterone are often linked, the facts are that they are actually two very different conditions with some distinct differences

Low Testosterone generally affects a man’s sex drive as well as his physical ability to perform sexually – his desire to have sex will usually diminish, along with it his ability to both become and stay erect.

Men suffering with Erection Dysfunction (ED) do not necessarily lose their desire for sex, they simply become unable to gain an erection and/or perform sexually.

ED can have many causes… these can include Vascular problems, heart disease, high cholesterol and even diabetes if left unchecked.

Clinical studies tell us that between 2 and 10% of men with ED also suffer with low testosterone production.

Low Testosterone and ED

Although both conditions can cause sexual problems, they do both develop differently… Low T occurs when certain glands and the testes begin to produce less and less testosterone as the man starts to get older ( Testosterone levels reduce gradually from the age of 30) its proven that on average, a man’s natural testosterone production reduces by between 1 and 2% a year from the age of 30.


ED on the other hand, can affect any man at any age, it can be brought on by the aforementioned conditions, plus outside influences such as stress, anxiety, depression, alcohol and drugs.

Low Testosterone has many other effect on the man’s body..apart from the drop in sex drive he may also experience:

  • Increased Body Fat
  • Poor Moods
  • Disturbed Sleep
  • Lack Of Energy
  • Reduced Muscle Mass and Tone

In many ways, the fact that a man has Low T can be relatively straight forward to recognise.. as the effects build, its often quite easy (especially for his partner) to notice the changes in his moods, body shape and just how he becomes less energetic or positive.

ED can be harder to diagnose – especially the root cause.

If you think that you could be suffering from either Low Testosterone or ED do not assume the worst … They can both be treated quite successfully…get your self checked out by your doctor as soon as possible..a simple blood test can identify Low Testosterone…only then can you decide on the best course of treatment, and wether to use drug based treatments or natural methods.

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Causes Of Low Testosterone – Inflammation

One Of The Most Overlooked Causes Of Low T

You may not realise it but most of us are permanently in a state of chronic inflammation….and if you are suffering from Low Testosterone, it could be one of the major causes.. Many of us think that we get inflammation when we are injured, or possibly with conditions such as arthritis for example.


The truth is that our bodies are under attack from toxins all around us – known as free radicals, they attack the body internally, our cells don’t operate to their full capacity, and we tend to make more cortisol (stress hormone)..this in turn causes inflammation.

This can have a direct affect on our everyday living, we can start to suffer from stress, loss of libido, lethargy, lack of motivation and/or concentration… Thats not all, these toxins can also cause chronic conditions, such as migraines, rheumatism, thyroid problems, blood clots and reduced testosterone production

If you can reduce The natural inflammation caused by these free radicals/toxins, You can without doubt help to boost your testosterone naturally.

It’s Actually Quite Easy…

Your body needs a good balance of mineral, lipids, vitamins, fibre, electrolytes, carns, protein and anti-oxidants… if your body suffers a shortfall of any of these crucial elements, its whole process will ‘go out of wack’

Once the body becomes short in any of these, it naturally turns into a stressed state… more accurately it goes into oxidative stress.

This has a direct result of causing inflammation throughout the body, impeding the regular processes that make us fit and well.

To rectify and rebalance this oxidative stress, the first ting we can do is look at our diet.. There are some very good foods out there with excellent anti-oxidant effects that can help redress the effect of these free radicals.

Foods That Can Help Reduce Oxidative Stress Based Inflammation

Try to add some (or preferably all) of these to your daily diet

  • Fatty Fish
  • Cranberries
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Cherries
  • Pomegranate
  • Garlic
  • Tumeric

Plus don’t forget to eat plenty of dark leafy greens.

Other Ways To Reduce Oxidative Stress and Help Boost Testosterone


Exercise Regularly – you can lower inflammation by exercising… now we are not talking about hard intense workouts or running for miles (you can do this if you wish)… simply move your body more that you are used to.. use the stairs at work instead of the elevator.. walk rather than drive.. you get the picture….

There are some good studies that highlight the benefits that exercise can bring on stress and inflammation –

Click Here To Read Study 1 – 

Study 2 – 

Take A Good Supplement

There are a number of ingredients that are known to help reduce inflammation, some are already found in natural testosterone boosters

Two To Look For Are

Other things to take as supplements are

Fish Oil High in Omega 3  – Read Study –

Vitamin C – Read Study

Creatine – Read Study –

There are excellent natural ingredients and supplements that help treat low testosterone – discover how they work:

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The Affects Of Aromatization

When you start to study the effects of testosterone production, a process that you will no doubt come across is Aromatization

What Is Aromatization

male hormone production2

Aromatization is a process where the body converts testosterone into Estrogen,, the process gets its name from the enzyme largely responsible for the conversion – Aromatase.

Occuring in both sexes, but most prevalent in males it is both a natural process and also the result of using steroids to try and boost muscle mass.

In the young, it can help with glucose optimisation and cholesterol management, but in mature males, it can cause a reduction in muscle mass, tone along with an increase in body fat.

Our bodies are usually inclined to maintain the correct hormonal balance by the use of a function known as homeostasis, this process helps the bodies balance of mass, temperature, and hormones within the correct levels.. The main use of Aromatization is to synthesise cholesterol and fats, however its affects on testosterone are the most noticeable.

Just how much testosterone is effected by Aromatization depends on the levels of aromatase in the body. the greater the levels, the more testosterone will be changed into estrogen… this is why men who in particular use steroids to build muscle are at greater risk of being effected by Aromatization. A large amount of testosterone is suddenly entering the body and therefore increased levels of  estrogen will be produced as a result.

Do Men Need Estrogen?

The male body needs a certain amount of Estrogen, it helps to maintain bone mass, and when combined in the correct levels with testosterone can lead to increased muscle tone and mass.. it also helps the muscles to recover from exercise as it controls the way the body uses glucose.

The problems from Aromatization start when too much estrogen is present in the male body.. in the presence of higher than normal testosterone ( as an example when using steroids to bodybuild) men will tend to develop gynecomastia ( man boobs, bitch tits,) decreased immunity as well as increased body fat and cholesterol problems.

In natural amounts aromatase can ensure that healthy levels of estrogen and testosterone are maintained.. as long as the balance is kept under control, any negative effects from estrogen are usually minimal.

Natural Products That Control Aromatization

The use of good quality natural testosterone boosting supplements can help boost testosterone levels without generating the spike in estrogen that is common to drug based therapies and steroids, many contain natural ingredients such as stinging nettle extract which help reduce the effects of aromatization – helping to keep the correct balance between the two crucial hormones.

More About Stinging Nettle Extract and its anti aromatase effects


The Best Natural Testosterone Boosters Of The Year

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