Is Asparagus A Good T-Booster

Is Asparagus A Good T-Booster

Discover The Testosterone Boosting Properties Of Asparagus

Its well known that improving your health in any way is largely entered around your diet… and boosting Testosterone is exactly that.. getting your diet right can make a huge difference to your hormone levels – Your natural production of Testosterone, HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and many more can all be increased by eating the correct types of foods….

Asparagus is one such food stuff… already recognised for its claimed aphrodisiac properties, but did you know that it actually has testosterone boosting properties too?


Native to the mediterranean countries in particular but now grown and harvested all across the world, Asparagus Offinialis is easily recognised by its spear shape and fleshy buds.. it has a mild, earthy taste that is rather unique… its little wonder that it is a favourite food for many people..

Asparagus is very high in nutrients and low in calories… from a testosterone boosting point of view its levels of D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K2 and Magnesium are the most important…. Now although it does not deliver massive amounts of these crucial vitamins.,the amounts contained in it, are certainly sufficient to kick start production of crucial hormones…

D-Aspartic acid – as we have covered in other articles, DAA is an amino acid that science has proved to be an excellent testosterone boosting ingredient…. Studies have shown that supplementing with DAA for as little as 3 months can help boost testosterone by between 30-60%… other areas where DAA can helps in the boosting of sperm count and semen motility ( increases of up to 80%)

Magnesium – An essential mineral linked to optimum testosterone production, studies have shown that a daily intake of magnesium can elevate testosterone production… asparagus contains only 3% of your suggested daily intake, but it certainly contributes to your target intake.

Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 helps to reduce the effects of estrogen ( the enemy of testosterone), it also helps to control the diversion of energy to where its needed most in the body…

Vitamin K2 – A crucial vitamin that helps to control our vascular system and other health benefits…. recent clinical trials saw test subjects take 12mg per kg of bodyweight for 5 weeks… the resulting testosterone increase was over 56%

Fact – it has been revealed that around 80% of American males might not be getting enough Vitamin K2 in their diets – having a dramatic affect on their testosterone levels


This research demonstrates just how eating asparagus regularly can help rejuvenate a sluggish endocrine system…. testosterone production can be improved by adding asparagus and similar foodstuffs to your diet…

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