Hibiscus Macranthus

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2014)

Common Herbal Extract, But Can Hibiscus Macranthus Boost Testosterone

Hibiscus Macranthus is a commonly used plant extract thought to help boost virility and testosterone production.

From the plant family Hibiscus ( Malvaceae) it is commonly used in areas such as 250px-Hibiscus_bleu_2Cameroon where it is thought to have aphrodisiac and vitality boosting properties.

There has been none or very little testing at best on Hibiscus Macranthus as a standalone supplement, more generally it is combined with Basella Alba to provide libido boosting effects to its users.

There have been studies into the effects of Hibiscus Macranthus on testosterone production, these have been completely limited to Rats ( with no conclusive results). No studies have been carried out on human test subjects.

The combination of Hibiscus Macranthus with Basella Alba has shown some testosterone boosting results.. but these lack in-depth research and it certainly needs to be tested on humans in depth before its true abilities (if any) are recognised and proven.

There are no approved/recommended doses or any reports of adverse reactions from taking Hibiscus Macranthus.

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