GNC Mega Men® Healthy Testosterone

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

GNC Mega Men® Healthy Testosterone Review

One Of GNC’s Best Sellers But Is GNC Mega Men® Healthy Testosterone Really Any Good?

Popular health store GNC sells a wide range of products aimed at boosting testosterone, both for the younger man wanting to enhance his workouts and the older man who is suffering the effects of low testosterone.

One off the best selling products is GNC Mega Men® Healthy Testosterone – we have taken an in depth look at the product to see if it really is worth buying…

The product is a multi purpose supplement aimed at boosting healthy testosterone levels, it is ( the manufacturers claim) clinically proven to improve a key marker, crucial for peak performance, stamina and lean muscle.

It also is said to help boost and maintain, prostate health, urinary flow and sex drive.

The Formula in GNC Mega Men® Healthy Testosterone

The Ingredient list is absolutely massive…. the supplement is split into 4 different blends, each with its own ingredient list.. the amount of ingredients is too long to type out here so please see label images below.

The 4 different supplements are:

  • Blood Flow and Circulation – Green Gelcap
  • DHEA And Prostate Support – Green Capsule
  • Hormone Health Blend – Green/Brown -Gelcap
  • Mega Men® Multivitamin – Beige Capsule




Taking GNC Mega Men® Healthy Testosterone

Each days supply is packed in a separate foil packet, it contains 7 capsules/caplets that should be taken with food daily.

Users Feedback

For such a comprehensive formula, the reviews are actually not that great… quite a few users failed to see any affects at all, with one user calling it a waste of money.

Any Reported Side Effects

None Reported

Where To Buy

As A GNC Product, the only place to buy is direct from GNC themselves.. a months supply will cost you $89.99

Any Cash Back Guarantees

They do offer a 30 day return policy and they do say that they will either refund or recommend that you take an alternative product….

Our Thoughts

If its possible for a product to be over formulated this certainly appears to be one…

The manufacturers GNC have squeezed so many ingredients into their formula that we believe that its physically impossible to get sufficient, effective amounts of each ingredient into the pills for them to have much effect…

This fact could explain the lack of positive reviews.

Over Formulated and Underpowered….. We suggest that you look elsewhere…

Top T-Boosters

We have reviewed and researched many of the popular testosterone boosters available today.

From our reviews have compiled a list of those that we feel offer the best results, using the best formulas at affordable prices…

Several on the list also offer a cash back guarantee which effectively makes any purchase a risk free affair..

If you fail to see any benefits after taking as directed, these manufacturers will give you a full refund.

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

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