FDA Delays Launch Of Antares Pharma Low T Drug

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2015)

New Testosterone Treatment Delayed By FDA

The scheduled release of new low testosterone drug Quickshot by Antares Pharma has been delayed by the FDA..

imagesThe unplanned delay has occurred because the FDA uncovered reports of a test subject experiencing hives after being treated with the experimental drug..

The makers – Antares Pharma do not believe that this was actually down to the new drug, but the FDA now wants further testing before granting the products its approval.

Further Testing

The delay and further testing means that the makers now have to collect more data join the injection to further understand the potential for any adverse reactions.

Antares now require a further 6 months testing from an additional 70 patients before they can meet with the FDA once again.

The FDA has been taking a hard line with low testosterone prescription drugs in recent months, this is in the light of disturbing evidence of patients suffering cardiac problems and strokes as a direct results of using some prescription drug based treatments….. Currently, Low T drugs are prescribed to virtually anybody showing symptoms of low testosterone, in September an FDA panel voted 14-1 to restrict the prescription of these drugs to men suffering specific medical conditions only.

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