FDA Approves Aveed

FDA Approves Aveed

 The Latest FDA Approved Testosterone Therapy

March 6th 2014… It has been announced on Presswire that the FDA have approved a new treatment for Hypogonadism ( Low T)… the drug, made by Endo International is called Aveed.. is a new prescription medicine developed to help increase the levels ofinjection serum testosterone in men suffering with hormone deficiency.

Used in injectable form the recommended dose is 3ml to be injected on day one, at week 4 and then every 10 weeks until treatment is discontinued.

Courtesy Of Endo Inernational


Its aims is to provide men suffering with extreme hypogonadism an effective, prescription treatment and it is hoped that it will become widely available across the USA and in time, worldwide.

The FDA’s approval comes after the conclusion of an 84 week trial carried out here in the USA.

Test subjects were all men with an average age of 54 and who had a serum testosterone level of 300ng/dl or less.

Over the course of the trials, the test subjects all experienced increases in serum testosterone and maintained these levels for over 10 weeks.

Concerns Surrounding Aveed

There have however, been concerns surrounding the FDA’s approval of Aveed… it has been revealed that it took three applications before the drug was approved and that it has been linked with unpleasant side effects that include.

source – Medical Daily 

  • Coughing
  • Throat And Swallowing Problems
  • Chest Pain
  • Breathing Difficulties

Despite these facts, many physicians have welcomed this latest drug and hope that it will, After its launch in March provide sufferers of extreme hypogonadism an effective option (under strict medical supervision) for the treatment of this debilitating condition….

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