Eating Chilli Boosts Testosterone

Spicy Foods Help Increase Testosterone

Time magazine tells us about a French Study (titled ‘Some Like It Hot’ ) published in the Physiology and Behaviour Journal has today revealed that men who eat chills or peppers are more likely to have higher testosterone levels and also that they tend to perform better during sex.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Scientists from the University Of Grenoble followed 114 men all aged between 18 and 44 years old as they were fed a meal of mashed potatoes with salt and a spicy pepper sauce..

After taking saliva samples after the meal, it was clearly apparent that the men who eat more of the pepper sauce had greater levels of testosterone in their saliva…

The spicy component in peppers is capsaicin – and it is this compound that is believed to cause the hormonal increase…

Although the effect of the hot pepper now recognised. the exact reason for its boosting action is still unknown…. one of the study authors (Laurent Begue) told us “ A wide range of factors, including genetic, social, physiological and psychological all influence the liking and consumption of foods containing capsaicin”

What Does This Mean

Quite Simply… If you want to see some benefits beneath the sheets – eat plenty of peppers!!!!

Read The ‘Time’ Article Here 

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