Does Your Partner Have Low Testosterone?

Understanding Low Testosterone – A Partners Guide

For most men, discussing their innermost feelings and issues is the last thing that they want to do… its a fact that the majority of guys prefer to keep their concerns (especially when it comes to health and wellbeing) to themselves….

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Low testosterone is one of those issues… it can have some quite detrimental effect on the sufferer and his partner…. They often become withdrawn…they feel less like a man, they experience mood swings, reduced sex drive and often look and feel weaker as their muscle mass reduces..

But if they do not discuss how they are feeling, how do their wives and girlfriends really know whats going on…. quite often.. especially when issues in the bedroom start to rear their head, many women actually start to think that they are too blame for their partners lack of sexual desire and performance.

3 Quick Tell Tale Signs

Heres an ‘At A Glance Guide’ that should help you identify low testosterone in your partner – maybe even before he does..


He Tells You 

‘I just feel tired all the time’

You Think

He is just being lazy

The Real Issue

Low testosterone can really sap a man’s energy.. he feels unable to participate or carry out regular activities


He Tells You

‘I Feel Down And I Don’t Know Why’

You Think

He needs to get a grip and snap out of it

The Real Issue

Low Testosterone can really affect a man’s moods…it has both physical and emotional effects that can leave him feeling alone, isolated and depressed.. it can also affect his concentration and focus.. seemingly everyday tasks can become difficult.


He Tells You

‘Not Tonight Darling – I don’t feel sex tonight’

You Think

He doesn’t find me attractive anymore

The Real Issue

Low testosterone has a massive effect on a man’s sexual desire and performance.. it’s effects can stop a man desiring sex and can also have an effect on his performance.. Not to be confused with ED (Erectile dysfunction) that affects the man’s ability get an erection – but not his sexual desire – Read More About Low T and ED

What You Can Do

Recognising and understanding the problem is a major step forward… be supportive and speak to your husband/boyfriend…..

Ask him he if knows about low testosterone and its effects…research the problem together and suggest/encourage him to discuss with his doctor… the diagnosis is quite simple – a basic blood test will usually confirm low testosterone levels, and once your man knows and understands what the problem is, he can look into the various ways of treatment and start enjoying his life once again..

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