Does Diindolymethane Have Any T Boosting Properties?

Diindolymethane is an ingredient that can be found in some natural testosterone boosting supplements, but what is it, and what does/can it do??

Commonly known as – DIM or 3,3”-dinodolymethane, it is a natural molecule, similar to 200px-3,3'-Diindolylmethane.svgmethane, and it is commonly found in plants belong to the Brassica group, which includes Broccoli, Kale and Cauliflower.

Looking at it in-depth, it’s uses are actually rather limited, it has been suggested that it has anti cancer effects, studies have suggested that it can be a strong human androgen antagonist in human prostate cancer cells.

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its most common use is an anti-estrogen inhibitor (anti aromatase) which is beneficial to Picture1(1)men who want or need to increase testosterone levels, although care does need to be taken as if taken in large amounts, it does appear that it can have the opposite effect and increase estrogen synthesis.


May have some anti estrogen benefits,which can be beneficial to men struggling with low testosterone levels, but many more studies are required before we know the full effects of this natural compound.

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