The Testosterone Boosting Effects Of Daidzein

Another ingredient that we have come across in a few testosterone boosters is Daidzein

But What is it?? and are manufacturers right to include it in their formulas??

Daidzein-3D-ballsSources Of Daidzein

Daidzein is a soy isoflavone, found in both Soy and other plants that are able to interact with various hormones such as Estrogen and possibly Testosterone.

It is rather similar in makeup to Estrogen and can mimic the effects of the hormone to a certain degree.

Daidzein can also appear on supplement labels as:

  • Genistein
  • Genistin
  • Daidzin
  • Equol
  • Dihydrogenistein
  • Glycitein
  • Glyccitin
  • Dihydroglycitein

It should not be confused with the food product Soy and also Soy Lecithin

Taking Daidzein

it seems to be most effective when taken at between 10 and 20mg per KG of body weight

Uses Of Daidzein

It has been shown in tests to help reduce markers that indicate cardiovascular disease in women, it can also help to reduce fasting blood glucose ( something only proven in diabetic animals to date)

It is also thought to be an efficient anti-osteoporosis supplement, with its effects increased when taken alongside regular exercise,

Another benefit is its effect on allergens.. studies have shown an ability to reduce allergic reactions, but so far these have only been carried out under clinical conditions.

A final use of Daidzein is to treat chronic dermatitis… but again all studies to date have been carried out on animal test subjects.

Daidzein and Testosterone

It has been noted in studies involving rats that supplementation with Daidzein has an anti-androgenic effect… this means that it suppresses certain hormones and is the type of product that is given to sex offenders to suppress their sexual urges.

It does not boost Testosterone.. it potentially has the opposite effect, so we simply cannot understand why any manufacturer would put it in a testosterone boosting product.

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