Cybergenics ISO Test Review

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2019)

Should You Buy Cybergenics ISO-Test Pro Testosterone Booster?

On of Walgreens best selling testosterone boosters is Cybergenics ISO-Test Pro Testosterone Booster.. the makers promise us that it will:iso test

  • Help Regain Sex Drive And Desire
  • Promote Positive Moods
  • Boost Energy And Vitality

The Ingredients In Cybergenics ISO-Test Pro Testosterone Booster

Each serving contains the following

  • Nettle Root Extract 30mg
  • Dimethyl Chrisin 30mg
  • LJ-100 mg ( LongJack)
  • Bipoerine 2mg

Taking Cybergenics ISO-Test Pro Testosterone Booster

The recommended dose is one capsule a day


Users Feedback

There is not a massive amount of feedback available, we have found a rather mixed bag of results, for every positive review, there is another that reports little or no effects.

It does appear to be determined by exactly what the users are looking for… if its a little boost in energy and libido that you are seeking, it could provide some benefits.. if your low Testosterone is causing more in depth problems, if reports are to be believed, this product doesn’t appear to offer much by way of results..

sample reviews courtesy of amazon



Any Reported Side Effects

None Reported

Where To Buy

You can buy from Walgreen’s, Amazon, Ebay, and other regular sources, expect to pay around $24 for a months supply

Any Guarantees

No Guarantees Are Provided By The Manufacturer

Our Thoughts

Weak, Lacking And Ineffective..

A close look at the formula reveals some massive holes in the makers claims… not one ingredient has any real testosterone boosting abilities…

LJ-100 ( a standardized commercial extract of Longjack) has been shown to provide slight increases in libido when taken in the correct amounts, (the effective dose is usually regarded as 200mg so the amount in this formula is too weak to be affective) and it can in some cases help to increase testosterone back to acceptable minimum levels but it only seems effective in cases where the man has extreme testosterone deficiency (hypogonadism)…

More Information On LongJack

Stinging nettle root has no proven T boosting properties per se, but it can help stop the changing of testosterone into Estrogen so it does have some positive effects regarding low T.

Overall, this product is cheaply made and inexpensive to buy, and if you are serious about giving your testosterone production a real boost, it is without doubt going to leave you feeling disappointed…

If you are serious about boosting your levels and regaining some of your youthful energy and sex drive, we suggest that you check out our top rated testosterone boosters, these products provide, proven, tried and tested ingredients that offer well documented results..

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2019)

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