Clomid – The Female Fertility Treatment That Could Help Low T

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2014)

New Drug That Could Treat Low Testosterone With Fewer Side Effects

July 29th 2014

A drug that has up to now, been used to help treat female infertility could possibly also be used to help treat men with Low Testosterone.

clomidCurrently undergoing a second clinical trial, with another two planned before being submitted to the FDA for approval, it is thought that the drug – called Enclomiphene Citrate could be more effective at treating cases of hypogonadism without causing any of the unpleasant side effects and potential health risks associated with regular gels and injections.

The new drug is a derivative of Clomiphene Citrate a drug marketed under the name Clomid which is used for treating infertility on females.

Researchers in Texas treated 73 men with secondary hypogonadism ( a shortfall in testosterone caused by the pituitary gland instead of the testes)

The study saw that the drug increased levels of the follicle stimulating hormone ( FSH) as well as Luteinizing hormone (LH) both are produced by the pituitary gland and are essential for reproduction..

This is exceptionally good news for men aged over 40 who are trying to become fathers, as a little know side effect of many current testosterone prescription drugs is reduced sperm count..

Clomid can produce similar results and the new tweaked version of the drug will ( it is hoped) be accepted by the FDA and be available within a year or so.

Some groups are unsure however, other experts believe that Clomid is inconsistent with its results and since its patents lapsed some time ago, doubt wether any company will actually push this new version.

The new product when launched ( subject to FDA approval) will be marketed as Androxal

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