Cistanche And Testosterone

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2019)

Cistanche : Can it Boost Testosterone?

A plant extract that I have learnt quite a bit about in recent months is taken from a parasitic desert plant called Cistanche.

cistanche testosterone

It has some solid claims surrounding its reported ability to boost testosterone, DHT as well as boosting blood flow by increasing nitric oxide levels.

But whats the story here, do the reports about Cistanche really ring true? does the legend behind it stack up?.

This article looks at Cistanche, and its reported effects on the male body

The Legend of Cistanche

Cistanche has a reputation for effectiveness dating back to the legendary warlord Gengis Khan. He is reported to have fathered so many children (up to 2000) that it is claimed that 8% of all men in the word could be direct descendants.

His reported sexual activity is claimed to be down to the fact that he took Cistanche on a daily basis.

Now we cannot base any claims or evidence on stories such as this, but the Chinese have taken Cistanche to their hearts with it appearing in numerous male health products used on their traditional medicine.

gengis kahn cistanche

Modern Day Studies and Clinical Evidence

Cistanche has been studied in recent years, and has been proven to have some powerful antioxidant effects. 

Animal studies have also showed an ability to replenish glutathione

It has been proven to boost circulation and increase nitric oxide production, this has been shown to help treat cases of erectile dysfunction in studies Thai males. 

It even caused erections in castrated laboratory rats.

Animal studies have show that it can have a positive effect on rats by effectively repairing the testicular damage caused by the cancer drug hydroxyurea. 

The drug caused significant damage to testicles and reduced testosterone dramatically. Post treatment the supplementing of Cistanche appears to reverse the testicular damage and restored testosterone production.

The researchers believe that this effect is caused by the ectogenic androgen type effect of Cistanche. That regular supplementing of Cistanche led to significant improvement in testicular size boosting testicular enzymes responsible for testosterone production.

Safe Doses

There has not been any reports of toxicity resulting from the taking of Cistanche in supplement form. 

Experts suggest that doses between 200-2000mg are safe for human consumption.

My Conclusion on Cistanche – Does It Really Boost Testosterone?

cistanche extract

Animal studies are certainly promising, but as we all know, results in animal studies are not always replicated in human trials.

It does appear to have similar properties found in other known T-boosting compounds, its a powerful antioxidant and it certainly acts a stimulant on the CYP-enzymes that are key to effective testosterone production.

That said, it certainly shows promise, and while more in depth human studies are needed to confirm its effects, the evidence that is out there does seem to indicate that it is effective at testosterone boosting.

Cistanche can be found in a few t-boosters currently, I do expect to see it start appearing in more products over the coming months.

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