Carbohydrates And Testosterone

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

The Testosterone Boosting Effects Of Carbohydrates

Especially at the start of a new year, many peoples focus is on losing some of that extra weight piled on over the festive period…

There are many fad diets appearing in the media – many (in fact most) telling us to stop eating carbohydrates…. often calling them the ‘Root Of All Evil’morgan-spurlock-inside-morgan-spurlock-cnn

With many diet plans and so called ‘experts’ telling us to stop eating carbohydrates..

You would be surprised to hear that studies have shown that actually carbohydrates aren’t as bad as we are told, and this is especially important information for someone who wants to maintain or increase his testosterone levels..

“Eat Fewer Calories That You Burn And You Will Lose Weight – Its That Simple”

Weight loss is actually a simple science…. you need to burn more calories that you consume… you do that and you WILL lose weight..

This is a scientific fact…. eat more that you burn off and you will gain weight.. its as simple as that…

Carbohydrates and Testosterone

There has been many studies that have proven that eating certain carbs are actually crucial for testosterone production.

One study ( Read It Here )  took a group of test subjects… after splitting them into two separate groups, for ten days they fed one group with a high protein, low carb diet and the other group a high carb, low protein diet..

After the ten days were up, their testosterone blood levels were checked and the amounts were amazing…

The group fed the high carb, low protein diet had up to 36% more free testosterone in their blood that the the group on the low carb diet..

Other studies liked into the affects of low carb diets on guys who workout, or at least take regular exercise….

They were shown to have increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol.. and this is the death nell for testosterone production –read one study here

Should I Be Eating All Carbs

Not at all, there are some carbs that are not that good for testosterone production…what carbohydrates boost testosterone

Carbs To Avoid:

Pasta, Bread, Corn, Rice, Wheat and other grains

Carbs To Eat To Boost Testosterone:

Potatoes, Yams, Beets, Carrots, Squash – in fact pretty much all root vegetables.


Most grains contain gluten, and this is well known for its ability to increase both prolactin levels and  generate inflammation in the body…

Both are well known to reduce testosterone production… inflammation in particular is bad for testosterone as it increases production of Cortisol the stress hormone.

Grains are also very dense in fibre – and high fibre diets are also known for their testosterone reducing effects..


Not all carbs are bad for you, in fact many of the root based ones are essential for maintaining testosterone levels…

Just pick the right ones and eat them sensibly….

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