Can Testosterone Boosters Stop Heart Attacks

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2015)

Boost Your Testosterone And Reduce The Risk Of Heart Attacks..

One of the largest studies ever carried out has looked at the effect that testosterone boosting has on men aged between 50 and over,,

The study which was published the European Heart Journal looked at over 83000 men Warning signs of a heart attackwith lower than normal testosterone levels..

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The men were divided into three groups :

  • Those whose testosterone levels had returned to normal after supplementation.
  • Those who had been taking testosterone boosters but who’s levels had not normalised.
  • Those who had low testosterone levels and had received no treatment whatsoever..

The scientists took into account other factors that included, other medications, cholesterol levels, BMI, lifestyle etc and follow ups ranged from between 5 and 6 years..

A noticeable contrast appeared, particularly between the group who received testosterone treatment and regained normal levels and the group who were untreated….

The group who used T-Boosters were found to have been 56% less likely to die during the follow up period, 24% were found to be less likely to have a heart attack and 36% were found to be less likely to have a stroke…

Similar differences were found between the 2nd and 3rd group, but not as pronounced

In conclusion, this study demonstrates the importance of maintaining healthy testosterone levels as failure to do so could potentially result in a greater risk of heart attacks and strokes.

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