Can Testosterone Boosters Reduce Body Fat

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2019)

Can Testosterone Boosters Reduce Body Fat

Increased Testosterone = Reduced Body Fat – Heres Why.

Testosterone is the king of all hormones, it makes us the men we are, our muscle tone, strength, energy, sex drive, even our body hair and deep voices can all be attributed to the levels of testosterone in our body.

It doesn’t matter wether you are trying had to pack on muscle mass and boost strength in the gym, or if you are a slightly older man who is feeling the effects of reduced testosterone and wants to boost his energy, muscle tone and libido. Optimum levels of testosterone are essential to make any of this happen.

Increased body fat (especially around the belly) is another sign of your testosterone levels reducing, this fact is perhaps more prevalent in older men, but can also affect younger guys too.

Fat Loss And Calories

The key to losing body fat is to effectively use or burn more calories than you actually consume each day. This is called a calorie deficit which allows your body to look to stored adipose fat cells to make up the shortfall in calories to burn for your required energy. 

Experts agree that for effective weight loss you need to be consuming 20% fewer calories than you actually burn. For most of us, that works out at about 500 calories per day.

How Can Testosterone Help To Reduce Fat

Burning more calories than you eat is essential but there are ways that you can speed the fat loss along the way. This is where increasing your testosterone can help.

#1 Muscles Need Testosterone To Grow  

Muscles need calories to maintain mass, as you exercise muscles the body diverts more energy to them instead of to your stored fat cells.

This is a process known as Nutrient Partitioning.

Testosterone is an anabolic steroid hormone, it is crucial regulator of muscle mass and helps to increase protein synthesis when combined with strength training or intensive exercise.

One study followed 9 adult male volunteers over 12 weeks, the results showed that by increasing testosterone levels, the test subjects muscle mass and protein synthesis increased by 27%.

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#2 Fat Gain Is Caused By Reduced Testosterone

In a man with lower testosterone production, energy (consumed calories) is naturally pushed towards the stored fat cells instead of muscle cells.

A study in JCEM demonstrated this fact when a group of men who had their testosterone levels effectively blocked saw increases in body fat by up to 36%. 

This confirms the fact that in order to reduce body fat you need to increase your testosterone levels

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#3 Testosterone Reduces Fat Cell Growth

As your testosterone levels increase, it helps to reduce the size of your fat cells, this is because it reduces the amounts of insulin that is soaked up by your fat cells. 

One study demonstrated this fact, when fat cells were exposed to testosterone and researchers saw a noticeable reduction in the uptake of glucose. This happened even when insulin was present. 

This is good news because testosterone stops fat cells converting energy into fat, leaving you with more energy to burn, along with the body fat that you are trying to reduce.

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