Can Soy Protein Really Help Boost Testosterone Levels

Are Soy Protein Supplements A Key Factor In Boosting Testosterone Levels In Men with Both Low T and Type 2 Diabetes

Reports coming from Chicago tell us about reports that men suffering with both type 2 Soy-Proteindiabetes and low testosterone levels can see remarkable benefits from taking soy protein supplementation along with phytoestrogens ( the plant worlds equivalent of estrogen)

Details from a study published at meeting of the International Congress Of Endocrinology told us that there was significant improvement in both testosterone levels and glycemic control in a test group of men given daily supplementation of both soy protein and phytoestrogen.

The Study Itself

In the double blind study, 210 men with both diagnosed low testosterone and type 2 diabetes were split into two groups.. half were given cereal bars that contained 7.5mg Soy Protein and 33mg phytoestrogens, and half received bars with just soy protein..

They were aged between 55 and 70 years old and all had an average BMI of 32 so were also considered obese..

They had to eat two bars daily, and also avoid eating any other sources of Soy for 90 days so as not to affect the results..

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protein-bars1After the 90 days, the group who received both the soy and the phytoestrogen displayed noticeably more serum testosterone levels that the group that received just the soy protein..

Other results included that the group who received both the soy and phytoestrogens also demonstrated lower levels of the markers that indicate cardiac problems.. both groups also showed reduced dialostic blood pressure ( but not systolic pressure)

The group that received the soy and the phytoestrogen also recorded improvements in their type 2 diabetes – something that did not manifest in the group receiving the Soy protein on its own..

The study concluded that mixing both Soy protein and phytoestrogens into a daily supplement does generally have a positive effect on both serum testosterone levels and type 2 diabetes…

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