Can Red Kwao Krua Increase Testosterone

Can Red Kwao Krua Increase Testosterone

Should You Be Taking Red Kwao Krua ( AKA Butea Superba)

We came across and interesting research document recently about a natural herb popular in Thailand that has reported androgenic properties…. called Red Kwao Krua (Official name Butea Superba) it has a reported ability to boost sex drive and erection quality….

It’s only been subjected to limited testing but we found it to be a really interesting herb,,

Heres What We Found

Butea Superba is a tuber type vegetable that looks on the outside very similar to another well known male vitality ingredient Pueraria Mirifica… It has however the opposite effect…. Traditionally used throughout Thailand as an aphrodisiac and for the enhancement of male vitality.. it appears at first glance to be a viable source of androgenic compounds

Safe Doses

Low doses do appear to be safe for human use, but higher doses have in rodent studies, demonstrated a mutagenic effect….… traditionally the safe daily doses are between 100 and 250mg daily.. do not exceed 46mg/kg body weight as this is believed to be harmful.

Studies on Butea Superba

There have been a couple of studies that looked into its erection boosting effects… both have unfortunately not delivered proven results….

The first involved 17 test subjects who took a large dose (500mg) of Butea Superba root daily for 3 months… an equal number of men were given placebo tablets….. After one month the entire placebo group dropped out throwing the study into disarray… it did continue and at the end it was reported that 82.4% of the test group did experience improvements in sex drive and erectile function… read more here – 

A second trial involved 32 test subjects.. saw them take either 100mg of Butea or 50mg Sildenafil in a blind study…The results at first were very encouraging with the group receiving the natural Butea, returning better results that the proven drug based sildenafil….If this results were to be repeated it was possible that Butea could actually prove to be more effective than Viagra

The study was repeated a short time later and regretfully the results could not be repeated… it was later confirmed that the first batch of Butea had been contaminated with a PDE5 inhibitor which caused the positive effects…

read more about this study here –

Can Butea Superba Boost Testosterone

There is limited evidence ( based purely on rodent studies) that daily supplementation with butea can have both androgenic and estrogenic effects…. The studies ultimately proved to be inconclusive with minimal benefits being displayed….

Should I Be Taking Butea Superba To Boost My Testosterone

On the face of it, there is no clinical evidence that Butea Superba will actually offer any real testosterone boosting benefits… it could however possibly offer any man with erection problems some benefits ( where the problem is not linked to testosterone) ….but we would suggest that you avoid taking any supplementation containing it until such time that more definitive clinical testing has been carried out…

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