Can Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Cause Low T

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2018)

Can Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Cause Low T

Soldier claims PTSD Gave Him Low Testosterone


The-Canberra-TimesAn Australian soldier serving with the commando’s has claimed that post traumatic stress disorder has given him low Testosterone..

The unidentified veteran of Afghanistan and East Timor has lost his claim for compensation as he has failed to prove that the condition is recognised as an ‘injury or disease’ that is liable for compensation.

He claims that on his return from deployment, he was stressed, had lost his sex drive, slept all the time and actually put his hand through a wall in a fit of rage.. He was simply described as ‘washed out’

After a friend offered him hormone supplements and the general improvement in moods and condition, he went to a doctor who correctly identified a low level of testosterone in his blood.

His doctor also diagnosed him with PTSD and told him that it was linked to his low testosterone problems.

Compensation Claim


In 2012, the ex soldier made a claim to the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission – claiming that his war service directly caused his low testosterone issues. This claim was denied by the board, they ruled that there was insufficient proof or diagnosis that his problem was caused by his military service.


The soldier has since taken his fight to the Appeals Board who this week passed its final ruling.. they dismissed the claim and issued the following statement:

“Having regard to all of the evidence we are not satisfied as to the applicant’s diagnosis of low testosterone levels or suppression of the hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis such as to constitute an injury or disease [within the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act].”

They added that they were were surprised at the medical evidence linking the two together.. as his testosterone levels were actually at the lower end of the normal range and also the fact that the link was determined before he had actually been diagnosed with the post traumatic stress disorder.

It is not known if the soldier will take his claim further….

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