Can Low Testosterone Cause Dental Disease

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2016)

Can Low Testosterone Cause Dental Disease

Low Testosterone Could Cause Periodontal Disease

Researchers at Texas based A&M University Baylor College Of Dentistry have uncovered a distinct possibility of a link between dental disease and Low testosterone….

436961-female-crested-black-macaque-monkeyThe study was actually carried out on Macaque monkeys.. these animals have very similar hormonal and skeletal systems to humans and its very likely that any effects in these monkeys would be replicated in humans

The researchers ( Professor Paul Dechow and assistant Professor Qian Wang) studied 5 skeletons of castrated macaque monkeys…

They compared the mandible, jawbone and teeth structure of these to similar skeletons from non-castrated macaques of similar age..

The results were remarkable.. the jaws and teeth from the castrated macaques showed a far greater level of periodontal disease than those from the non castrated monkeys…something that surprised the researchers…

“We do know that many craniofacial tissues are sensitive to sex hormones,” said Professor Dechow. “It’s just that it was usually more thought of on the estrogen side.” Though the role of hormones needs more research, “they do raise the possibility that these may be important factors in the health of the craniofacial tissues, especially in aging”.CrabEatingMacaqueSkull_-_SM3.2_1024x1024

The researchers hope that their findings will give oral experts a greater understanding of the effects of hormones like testosterone on dental health…..

Reduced hormone levels are a key part of the ageing process, and oral health could be a ‘collateral victim’… This is why regular dental checkups and a good oral hygiene regime are essential what ever age you are..

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