Can Low Testosterone Cause Acne

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

Can Low Testosterone Cause Acne

The Link Between Low Testosterone And Acne

Reduced testosterone levels can be detrimental to many aspects of your bodily health, metabolic illness, vascular and cognitive disease. It can cause many different issues.

Other side effects of reduced testosterone are performance based, you cant build and maintain muscle like you used to, and as for body fat – it just seems to keep on coming.

What you may not be aware of is just how closely linked low testosterone is to acne and other skin problems.


Acne can be caused by hormonal changes in your body. Your skin has a glands underneath your hair follicles that secrete an oily, waxy compound called Sebum, it helps to lubricate the skin, nourishing it and stopping it form drying out and becoming cracked and brittle.

Acne can be caused when the glands start to produce excel sebum, it traps dirt in the pores, which can become infected with bacteria which stats to grow. This sends a signal to your immune system to start fighting the bacteria. As the body fights the acne causing bacteria, the body sends blood along with the infection fighting white blood cells to the surface making your skin become red and inflamed.

The Relationship Between Acne And Low Testosterone

Testosterone is closely related to our health, and this includes the health of our skin too. Low testosterone can cause the skin to lose its strength and vitality, leaving it thin, unhealthy and full of wrinkles. Your skin synthesises certain sex hormones including testosterone, this is done through the sebaceous glands. 

These glands are key to the expressing of androgen hormones as well as contributing to different enzymes that are found in skin cells.

A study written in the Journal ‘Hormone and Metabolic Research’ suggests that androgen hormones such as testosterone have a direct effect on the functions of human skin, wound healing, hair growth, sebaceous gland growth and epidermal barrier homeostasis. 

Read one study here – 

Natural Nutrients That Can Reduce Both acne and Low Testosterone

When it comes to boosting testosterone levels and clearing your skin, there are some great natural compounds that are known to boost hormonal health and have a direct effect on your skin.


zinc testosterone booster

An essential mineral found in lean meats, seafood (particularly Oysters) and eggs. Zinc provides the following health benefits:

  • Ensures Prostate Health
  • Boosts Brain Function
  • Enhances Immune Response
  • Boosts fertility
  • Controls Cellular Metabolism

Zinc is particularly good at boosting your skins health, in cases of bad acne, it has been proven that the sufferer has low levels of Zinc.

Research has shown that Zinc helps to reduce the inflammation caused by our immune responses, this helps to reduce the redness associated with acne. Studies back this up, one trial saw sufferers being given 600mg of zinc over a 42 day period, at the end of the trial, acne breakouts had reduced by 25%.  Read Study results Here 

Whats more Zinc is a crucial mineral that directly stimulates testosterone production. Studies her proven that taking Zinc daily helps men to boost their testosterone production, even after periods of intense activity and exercise.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a crucial treatment when it comes to dealing with acne prone skin, found in many foods ranging from Poultry, Pork and various vegetables and oatmeal. 

Anybody with a tendency towards acne breakouts usually has a deficiency in Vitamin B6. 

Studies shown that not only is it crucial for healthy clear skin, it is also an effective anti estrogenic, which means that it helps reduce the build up of estrogen in the male body by up to 30% – a major cause of reduced testosterone. Read Study Here –

Vitamin D3

vitamin D3 testosterone booster

Often called the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D is synthesised from cholesterol when your skin comes into contact with UVB rays from the sun. A crucial nutrient that is used by the body to help create testosterone. It also has some wide ranging health benefits that include.

  • Protection against colds and flu
  • It’s an anti inflammatory agent
  • Protects your cardiovascular system
  • Improves memory 

When it comes to your skins health, Vitamin D is good at reducing inflammation, a classic example of the redness caused by acne breakouts. Studies have proved that supplementing with Vitamin D can reduce the effects of acne breakouts. Read Study Here – 

Vitamin D is also proven to be one of the key components to promoting stronger testosterone production, its daily supplementation is crucial to boosting your most male of hormones.


Studies have proved that acne and reduced testosterone levels are linked, the redness and skin inflammation are linked to the level of androgen hormones within the body.

It is strongly recommended that you ensure that your daily intake of these crucial vitamins and minerals is increased, this will help clear your skin and boost your testosterone levels.

You can get these compounds from various food stuffs and also in some of the better testosterone boosting supplements. 

We suggest that to ensure that you are taking the optimum amounts of each compound that you check out our list of recommended testosterone boosters.

The products listed are all clinically proven to work, use scientifically developed formulas and whats more all offer length cash back guarantees. these assure you of a full refund if you are unhappy with the results after taking as directed.

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