Can Increased Testosterone Help Improve My Sex Drive

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

Can Increased Testosterone Help Improve My Sex Drive?

Higher Testosterone = Increased Libido

If you are suffering from Low Testosterone, one of the biggest problems is often the detrimental effect it can have on your sex drive..

For many men, they feel just too tired to have any form of intimate contact with their partners, they suffer from weak or non existent erections, lack any real sexual energy or staying power, and more often than to, simply shy away from sex which can have an adverse effect on their actual relationship…

There has been lots of studies and clinical research into the link between sex drive and testosterone and the overwhelming results is that

The Greater The Levels Of Testosterone, The Better The Sex Drive.. Added To That – The More Sex You Actually Have, The More Testosterone You Will Produce!

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The Studies:

A very interesting study was detailed in the Journal Of Sexual Medicine… it looked into the link between men with hypogonadism (very low testosterone levels) and both sexual function and desire…

Following 22 men with an average age of 58, they had all suffered from lack of libido for at least 4 years….

They were given testosterone boosting supplementation and after 6-8 weeks were re-tested and answered detailed questions about their sexual desires and performance..

The scientists behind the study used a pre approved and recognised method of evaluating the test subjects sex drive using an approved system called the International Index Of Erectile Function (IIEF)…

The result were conclusive – virtually all the men tested reported back that their libido and overall sexual responses (had improved by around 50%

Fact – Increased Testosterone Will Boost Sex Drive


Studies have also shown that increasing testosterone will boost libido and overall desire, what what about the actual mechanics of having sex? – Erections in particular…

Studies shown in the journal ‘Reviews in Urology’ have detailed beyond any doubt that in most men, the most likely cause of weak or poor erections was low testosterone levels… researchers have proven that supplementing with testosterone boosting compounds can return erection frequency, amplitude and rigidity back to normal..

Fact – Increased Testosterone Will Boost Erection Frequency, Strength And Longevity

How To Boost Testosterone Levels

It’s proven that testosterone depletes with age, but with a healthy diet, regular activity and a good testosterone boosting supplement it’s clinically acknowledged that you can turn things around and feel better about yourself in all aspects of your life – with sex drive in particular one of the things that you can regain..

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