Can Boosting Testosterone Make You Irresistible To Women?

Can Boosting Testosterone Make You Irresistible To Women?

It’s not rocket science – look good, and you’ll likely do a much better job at attracting the opposite sex.

Look around you and you’ll see that the men with broad chests, ripped apps and toned arms are the ones accompanied by the beautiful women. It’s simply a matter of primal nature that in order to attract a mate, we pay attention to the way that we look and look after ourselves.

In fact, we humans are actually much more subtle about using our physical features to

attract the opposite sex – no doubt you’ve watched deer locking horns to fight over a female on some nature TV channel, or seen a peacock fan out its feathers to attract a mate.

When it comes to male humans attracting females, there’s a little bit more to it – like testosterone levels. Let’s take a closer look at how T is linked to our interactions with the opposite sex.

Testosterone And Sexual Desire

In males, testosterone levels are at their highest between puberty and the early thirties. And this isn’t confined to just humans – other mammals are the same, too. Along with all kinds of physical attributes like facial and bodily hair, voice depth and muscle mass, this also has a big impact on sex drive and sexual motivation.

Once the dreaded ‘3 zero’ hits, however, T levels take a slow but sure nosedive, often leaving men experiencing lower sexual appetite, poor libido and less than satisfactory sexual performance. This is in stark contrast to men with higher T levels, who’ll more than likely boast an insatiable sexual appetite, all night long endurance and a more athletic physique.

But that’s not where the relationship ends.

Numerous studies have highlighted that men with higher testosterone levels also respond more positively to sexual stimuli, while a study that chemically supressed T levels saw participants become less sexually active and less likely to masturbate.

T levels can also rise dramatically in response to flirtatious behaviour, especially in the company of someone you find attractive.

Testosterone And Sexual Attraction

Men with higher testosterone levels are generally more motivated to find a partner, mate and pass on their genetic make-up. They are also more likely to be attractive to women: a University of Mexico study claims that women are more physically attracted to men with traditionally masculine features, dominant characteristics and competitiveness – all traits linked to testosterone. But that’s not all – the women also experienced an active drop in attraction levels in men who didn’t display these traits.

There are other ways in which testosterone manifests itself in male/female interactions, too.

Here’s an example: men with higher testosterone levels are more inclined to be attracted to more feminine faces. A study featured in Hormones and Behaviour manipulated the faces of women to make them appear more feminine or more masculine. Their attractiveness was then rated at random by 29 male participants with a mixture of high and low testosterone. The high testosterone group picked out the feminine faces as the most attractive.

And it works the other way round, too. Testosterone triggers the release of the androstenone chemical in men, something known to directly impact how attractive men are to women. A study published in Archives of Sexual Behaviour closely linked higher androstenone in men with increased sex, affection and petting from females. Coupled with the great masculinity and dominance brought on by testosterone, you’ll see it’s a killer combination.

Testosterone And Dating

Look hard enough and you’ll find stacks of research out there … one subject that crops up a lot although it sounds weird actually involves birds, testosterone and male/female interaction, and it has much more in common with us than you may originally think.

One study found in the Hormonal Behaviour journal, for example, detailed that Canaries given testosterone reached a higher singing volume – an important ritual in attracting a mate. We’re not advocating that you get the mic out, but we there are other ways testosterone can regulate our brains to improve our attractiveness to the opposite sex. Here are a few examples:

  • Greater strength
  • Less body fat
  • More lean muscle mass
  • Better moods
  • Higher libido

Need any more convincing as to why you should be investing in a testosterone supplement?

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