Can Alcohol Reduce Your Testosterone Levels?

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

Can Alcohol Reduce Your Testosterone Levels?

We have all been there… had a hard, stressful day and all you want to do is to kick back, turn on the TV and enjoy a nice glass of beer, wine or what ever your favourite tipple is…

Your Testosterone levels are probably the furthest thing from your mind at that precise

time….. but did you know the profound effects that drinking alcohol can have on your testosterone production?? –

Neither did we until we started to research the subject…..

Alcohol And Testosterone

Alcohol is actually a depressant… thats why we start to feel relaxed after we have drink or two… the central component in most alcohols is a substance called Ethanol (AKA Ethyl Alcohol).. it’s the cause of us feeling intoxicated and less inhibited…

How Ethanol Effects The Body

Ethanol is actually toxic to human in large doses (thats what some times,regretfully, people die when they have been on a drinking binge).. usually when you have a few drinks, it simply relaxes us.. However…

The body doesn’t actually like being exposed to Ethanol…and because it doesn’t like it, it tends to prioritise its metabolism (the process by which its broken down and dispersed) over other nutrients such as carbs, protein and fats..

Its also very high in calories too… just one gram of Ethanol contains 7 calories…. that’s actually more than you get from a gram of protein and only slightly less than a gram of fat..

It’s Not All Bad

Although excess can be harmful, its all known that a small amount of alcohol can be good for you… small amounts have been shown to reduce the risk of dementia and can possible decrease the risk of diabetes… a compound found in grapes (resveratrol) has been shown to actually boost testosterone.. so a glass or red wine certainly will not hurt you if taken occasionally..

So Is Alcohol Harmful To Your Testosterone Production

If you drink to excess, studies have shown that Ethanol can actually reduce testosterone production, as well as reduce sex drive and actually shrink your testicles..

If the heavy drinking is rare, then baseline testosterone levels usually return to normal once the alcohol has been metabolised in the body (when you have sobered up).. If heavy drinking is a way of life for you, then the problem may never right itself…. leaving you testosterone deficient along with other health issues…

Alcohol And Physical Performance

Chronic alcohol exposure not only has your testosterone levels, it can effect physical performance too


Drinking can cause low glycogen re-synthesis, in layman’s terms it means that your body works to clear the alcohol from your body instead of pushing carbs into your muscles to provide energy… this leads to poor performance and by default, poor recovery too

Ethanol stops you building muscle too.. its action increases the production of a protein called Myostatin.. this inhibits the action of muscle building… when your levels of Myostatin are high, you will find it virtually impossible to add muscle mass

Ethanol can also reduce or slow down post exercise inflammation… this inflammation is actually essential when building muscles as its a potent trigger for the hormone responses that promote muscle growth..

The fact Is that drinking will stop you building muscle mass and strength – it does not matter how hard you workout… the effects on essential muscle building hormones are too powerful…

Alcohol Can Cause Obesity

With all the added calories and the way it negates the effects of exerciser, its little wonder that regular drinking will pile on body fat… when you add into the equation the sugars ands flavourings found in some drinks, you are on your way to a massive daily calorie surplus.. – The result – More Body Fat

In Conclusion

A drink occasionally is perfectly acceptable and will do you no harm at all.. but start drinking regularly, or to excess and you will see your testosterone levels drop, and along with it, your strength, muscle tone… Plus you will get fatter too….

Still Fancy That Drink??…..

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

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