Can Akarkara Root Boost Testosterone

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

The Testosterone Boosting Effects Of Akarkara Root

A relatively new(ish) discovery.. Akarkara has been featured in number of articles recently regarding its supposed ability to boost testosterone…. but what is it, and can it actually work??

Akarkara (botanical name anacylus pyretheum) is a herbal extract commonly found in Indian (Ayurbeda) medicine…

It grows in the mediterranean region, the Arabic states and across India particularly in the himalayan region.


Quite similar in makeup to the herb chamomile and it also shares a very close similarity to Maca root..

Can Akarkara  Actually Boost Testosterone Levels?

There have been some trials involving Akarkara and its claimed testosterone benefits…

So far, to date these have only been carried out on test Rats and mice under laboratory conditions.. there have been no tests involving humans.

Rodents actually share close similarities to humans especially in the way their reproductive system works and this is why they are often used for tests and trials,

But that said, just because things might work in rats and mice, it does not mean that these herbs always provide the same results in humans.

This could well be the case with Akarkara,

As we mentioned above, it is very similar to Maca Root ( it contains many of the same bioactive compounds) and Maca Root, as we have found out previously does not boost testosterone – More About Maca Root – 

Studies Involving Akarkara

As we said above there have been some studies that looked at the testosterone boosting effects of Akarkara …Asaroon

One study involved test rats being given doses ranging between 50 and150mg/KG body weight for 28 days….

At the end of the trial it was apparent that there rats receiving the larger doses all demonstrated increased levels of testosterone and luteinizing hormone….

They also demonstrated increased erection ability and mounting frequency – an effect that remained for up to 15 days after the trial finished.

Read One Study Here – 

You Can Read Another Study Here – 

Our Thoughts

The studies do show some interesting results.

But bear in mind that no studies have been carried out on humans and also we need to remember the fact that Akarkara is very similar to Maca Root and we KNOW that that is ineffective at testosterone boosting when taken as a supplement..

To date we have only come across one T-booster that includes Akarkara in its formula, and to be honest, until actual human testing has been carried out and its effects on humans is fully understood, personally we not would recommend taking it…

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

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