Bryonia Laciniosa

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2019)

Bryonia Laciniosa

Is Bryonia Laciniosa An Effective Testosterone Boosting Ingredient?

Bryonia laciniosa is a plant often used as a traditional medicine in India and other parts of Asia…. A climbing plant by nature, it produces a fruit called gourds that are very similar to squash.

bryonia-laciniosa-seeds-772847-250x250Its main uses in traditional medicine include the treatment of urinary tract problems, and is also thought to have positive effects in the treatment of rheumatism..

Bryonia laciniosa has also been used to help treat and boost the immune system as well as increase longevity, but the fact is that there is no scientific studies that back up these claims… in fact there has until recently been only a handful of studies that looked at this plant extract at all.

Testosterone Boosting Properties Of Bryonia laciniosa

There have been a couple of studies that look into the possibility that Bryonia laciniosa can help increase testosterone… these have to date just even carried out on Rats….The information is below, as it might help you decide whether you want to try taking Bryonia laciniosa as part of your testosterone enhancing supplement regime.

in 2010 scientists at the Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Gour University in India decided to test the effects of Bryonia laciniosa on Albino Rats. using an extract take from the seeds, they gave the rats daily doses over a period of 28 days.. the doses ranged between 50 and 150mg per KG body weight

Over the test period, the researchers discovered that the levels of both luteinizinglab-rats-bred-crop hormone and serum testosterone ( the type found in the blood) increased by as much as six fold.. the researchers also recorded increases in mounting activity, along with increased body weight, and increased testicle and prostate weight.

The study concluded that taking Bryonia laciniosa. could help increase overall androgenic activity..

Our Thoughts

There is no disputing this single studies results, that said, we need to remember that the scientists conclusion is based on just this one study, and one involving rats, not humans…if the results are to be believed, then Bryonia laciniosa could possible be a good ingredient to use in daily supplementation..

For now, however, we feel that more studies do need to be undertaken (on human test subjects too) before we start to take Bryonia laciniosa in an attempt to boost our T levels.. as and when some more are published, we will report on them here..

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