Bryonia Laciniosa Does It Boost Testosterone?

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Bryonia Laciniosa Does It Boost Testosterone?

There are hundreds of herbs that are thought to have health giving properties. In the Testosterone boosting world, one herb that comes up occasionally for its reported testosterone boosting abilities is Bryonia Laciniosa.

Bryonia Laciniosa

What Is Bryonia Laciniosa

Bryonia Laciniosa is a flowering plant native to southern Asia (  India, The Phiippines and also parts of Northern Africa). Also known as Brionia, Devlips Tulip or English Mandrake.

It is a perennial plant, a climber that has red berries and bell shaped flowers. It also has seeds that are known as Shivlingi – due to the their surface markings that resemble the Hindu Deity Lord Shiva.

It has a rather foul taste, and a pungent smell. It is often found in both seed form and also in supplement capsules.

What Does Bryonia Laciniosa Do?

Bryonia Laciniosa is a popular inclusion in Ayurvetic medicine, primarily used as a libido enhancer, it is also reported to help boost fertility as well as being an effective anti oxidant and is also thought to guard against diabetes.

Bryonia Laciniosa

Bryonia Laciniosa Health Benefits

Bryonia Laciniosa contains a small number of recognised bioactive compounds, it contains a compound found in pomegranates called Punicic acid along side the dietary fibre glucomannan which is a proven appetite suppressant and is found in some of the better fat loss supplements.

The herb is thought to have fever and pain reducing properties, studies have shown that 500mg per KG bodyweight can reduce the effects of fever and also reduce pain sensations, rather like paracetamol. (read study here) 

Bryonia Laciniosa is also thought to have brain boosting properties, although there are no studies that back up these claims.

One area that Bryonia Laciniosa is known to have some effect on is in the control of diabetes, cholesterol levels and blood glucose lipids. 500mg per KG of body weight was administered over a 6 week period in trials involving animals, (no human studies as of yet), and the results did yield some positive results. 

It is hard to be sure until more studies have been carried out with human subjects.

Does Bryonia Laciniosa Boost Testosterone?

Bryonia Laciniosa is currently understudied, and in fact the few studies that do exist have been carried out on rats and other lab animals.

One study carried out in India saw male albino its being given varying amounts of Bryonia Laciniosa over a 4 week period, the scientists were looking at the rats sexual behaviour and wether the herb increased the rats testosterone level, testicle size and the frequency of mounting.

The results did show some improvements in most areas.

What Do These Results Mean?

Its hard to be sure with just one single random animal trial, but the signs do look mildly  encouraging. The next stage would be for research scientists to carry out more in-depth human trials.


With the absence of any current human trials, we would suggest that you avoid any supplement that contains Bryonia Laciniosa until such time that its effects on humans are fully known and understood.

There is no compelling evidence that Bryonia Laciniosa is a viable testosterone boosting ingredient, especially when compared to other ingredients that have more in-depth, proven testing and guaranteed results. 

We suggest that you choose a testosterone booster that uses ingredients that has this solid human testing behind them and not one that bases its claims on supposition and animal testing.

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