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Can Bromelain Help Boost Testosterone?

Bromelain is an enzyme extract taken mainly from the stem of pineapples.. it is also found to lesser degrees in the other parts of the fruit.

pineappleAlso Known As

It can often be seen on labels simply as Pineapple extract.


It has many well documented uses, especially in traditional and natural medicines..

It is also used in cooking where its ability to tenderise meat is the reason for it to be included in many marinades.

In supplement form is it often used to reduce indigestion and heart burn..

It is also a proven nasal decongestant and it has been suggested to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Recommended Doses

Bromelain is usually best taken between meals to stop any possible degradation in the stomach..

The recommended dose varies according to the users goal…

To aid digestion, a daily dose of anything between 200mg and 2000mg is usual

Other uses attract a recommended dose of between 200 and 800mg

Studies On Bromelain

There have been number of studies that looked at the various effects of Bromelain..

Results have showed that Bromelain can (under certain conditions):

  • Reduce Muscle soreness after exercise
  • Stop Nasal Congestion
  • Ease Inflammation
  • It can also help to improve subjective well being

Bromelain and Testosterone

There is no confirmed link between bromelain and improved testosterone production..

There are no recorded trials or studies that have examined this possbility…

Studies have shown however that it can help reduce muscle soreness and improve function after exercise..

Read One Of The Study Results Here 

This could be the reason why so many bodybuilders in the past used to swear by bromelain when working out….

There are many rumours that this extract actually helped men to boost muscle size and strength, but this fact is now refuted…

In truth the only benefit that they were likely to see was a possible reduction in muscle ache..

Does Bromelain Boost Testosterone?

Sadly – According to The Clinical Evidence – The Answer Is NO

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