Best Time Of Day For A Low Testosterone Test

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2014)

What Is The Best Time Of Day For A Testosterone Test

August 2nd 2014

New-York-Times-LogoReported in the New York Times are details from a report recently published in the Journal of Urology… it concerns the recommended time for a man to have a blood test to ascertain his testosterone levels.

Doctors have always insisted that testosterone levels should only be checked in the morning, preferably between 8 and 11am, this is because they believe that the levels are at their peak during this time.

A new study has provided evidence that this is not the case with all men, in fact its results show that this fact is only actually true in younger men.

The records of 2569 men aged between 26 and 84 years old were studied at an erectile dysfunction clinic between 1985 and 2004. they were sorted into age groups, the youngest group aged between 26 and 39 years old, with the otter groups split at five year intervals up to the lodes group of 79-84 year olds… these were also split into two time groups, those who had their levels checked between 7 and 9am and those who had their blood tested in between 9am andJournal-of-Urology 2pm.

All those tested, were suffering with erectile dysfunction… a classic symptom of low testosterone levels.

The only group who showed significantly lower levels in between the two time periods were the groups below 45 years old…. for any men aged over this, the timing of the test did not make any real difference.. the only criteria being that the test be taken before 2pm to ensure its validity.

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