Avena Sativa ( Wild Oats)

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

Avena Sativa ( Wild Oats)

Discover The T- Boosting Abilities Of Avena Sativa

A popular ingredient in many t-boosters, Avena Sativa is the proper name for wild oats….

It has an ability to help boost virility and sexual performance, as well as help boost strength, mind and body

References to its uses date back over 200 years – the Germans were particularly keen on its use..


There have been quite a few studies on the affects of Avena Sativa… sadly many have not been published in peer review journals…

One study that we did discover tells us about a number of volunteers (male and female) aged between 22 and 64 who all suffered from reduced sex drive or erectile dysfunction.

The group were given 300mg Avena Sativa three times a week for 6 weeks….. at the end of the study, most subjects reported an increase in sexual response and performance.

Another study held in 1989 returned some equally impressive results with subjects of both sexes reporting significant increase in genital sensation and response ( men 22% increase and women 15%).

The men also experienced a 36% increase in the frequency of orgasms and the women test subjects slightly less at 29%.

How Does Avena Sativa Influence Testosterone Levels

Its complete action is still not scientifically clear but experts believe that it occurs by increasing the levels of LH (Luteinizing Hormone) which in turn has a direct effect on testosterone production.

Other Effects

Avena Sativa is also said to be an effective mood and energy booster… it has also been used to treat nicotine withdrawal in those who have stopped smoking

Side Effects Of Avena Sativa

There are no reported side effects

Should I Choose a T-Booster with Avena Sativa

It’s not essential..it does offer some benefits, especially with libido and moods, but there are better ingredients out there..

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