ATP Science Alpha Mars Review

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

ATP Science Alpha Mars Review

Alpha Mars = Alpha Male?

Getting your T levels in optimal shape is a sure fire way to give your body the boost it needs.

Whether you’re looking for lean muscle gain, improvements in strength, fat loss or simply want to look or regain the feelings of being healthy, masculine and full of vigour, underestimate the power of testosterone and you’re making a big mistake!

Backed up by intensive research, Alpha Mars by ATP Science claims to naturally boost testosterone levels by over 20%, leaving you with:

  • Huge increases in energy and less tiredness
  • Greater levels of motivation and drive
  • Faster lean muscle mass
  • Improved mental clarity and focus
  • Stronger immune system

But does Alpha Mars necessarily equal Alpha Male?

The Alpha Mars Formula

It’s a bit of a frustrating situation here, as while the manufacturer does list what’s included, we don’t have a clear idea of quantities. So while many of these ingredients are powerful, they could be employed in tiny quantities as far as we know.

Alpha Mars contains a 600mg proprietary blend with the following  T boosting ingredients:

Shilajit – this powerful ingredient helps protect against tiredness, ageing and all-over strength and resiliency. It also boosts testosterone and sperm production.

Panax ginseng – this wonder ingredient eases erectile dysfunction and supports testosterone production, aids the immune system, motivation and drive, has anti-ageing properties and stacks more.

Nettle – nettle helps increases sperm and testosterone production by:

  • Inhibiting 5-alpha reductase conversion of testosterone to DHT
  • Inhibits the aromatase conversion of testosterone to estrogen
  • Inhibits inflammation, allergies and immune dysfunction

Fenugreek – this anti-inflammatory helps liver and memory, reduces blood sugar and fat, supports increased endurance and boosts free testosterone levels.

Tong kat ali – Malaysian ginseng, as it’s known, improves physical and mental energy levels, boasts anti-ageing properties and supports improved testosterone production and libido.

Directions For Use

Things aren’t too taxing on this front – simply take one-two capsules twice a day, either with food or crushed and sprinkled into a smoothie.

User Reviews

While there’s the usual ‘expert’ reviews doing the rounds here, we can’t actually find any feedback by way of third-party testimonials from real, every day users. All we’ve managed to find a couple of reports of increased strength – which is rather disappointing!

Reported Side Effects

As far as we can see, there are no reports of any unpleasant side effects – but then there’s not much feedback in general, so this isn’t necessarily helpful!

Where To Buy Alpha Mars

You’re spoilt for choice here, with many popular supplement suppliers all stocking Alpha Mars.

At for example, a tub of 60 serves costs $89.95, although prices are likely to vary slightly across retailers.

Cashback Guarantee

We can’t find any evidence of the manufacturer offering a satisfaction guarantee, but you might have better look with individual retailers. will happily exchange supplements, for example, within a week if you’re unhappy with the results you experience.

Our Thoughts

Despite the claims and hype, if you take a good hard look at the formula, there is not a lot here to get excited about..Sure fenugreek can help boost testosterone to a point, and nettle can certainly help reduce the increase in estrogen that we can all experience as we get older…- however they are only effective when taken in the right amounts and with this product,and the makers decision to hide the dosage amounts, we have no idea how much of anything is in the mix…

Tongkat ali has been shown to help boost a flagging libido (again – when taken in the right amounts)

Shilajit has demonstrated some t-boosting properties, but tests and trials are so far very limited (only 1 human trial to date) and any positive results have been limited to infertile men with extremely low testosterone (hypogonadism)..

Read More About Shilajit Here

All in all… if you are concerned about low testosterone and want to increase it, then this might offer you some very minor benefits.. how, we feel that as product, its actually poorly formulated, and very overpriced for what you are getting…

There are far better products out there and we strongly suggest that you look elsewhere…

Why Not Check Out Our Top Testosterone Boosters Page? the products listed all provide powerful, clinically proven formulas, plus the benefit of a full cash back guarantee should you be unhappy with the results…

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

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