Aromatase And Its Effects On Testosterone

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

The Affects Of Aromatization

When you start to study the effects of testosterone production, a process that you will no doubt come across is Aromatization

What Is Aromatization

male hormone production2Aromatization is a process where the body converts testosterone into Estrogen,, the process gets its name from the enzyme largely responsible for the conversion – Aromatase.

Occuring in both sexes, but most prevalent in males it is both a natural process and also the result of using steroids to try and boost muscle mass.

In the young, it can help with glucose optimisation and cholesterol management, but in mature males, it can cause a reduction in muscle mass, tone along with an increase in body fat.

Our bodies are usually inclined to maintain the correct hormonal balance by the use of a function known as homeostasis, this process helps the bodies balance of mass, temperature, and hormones within the correct levels.. The main use of Aromatization is to synthesise cholesterol and fats, however its affects on testosterone are the most noticeable.

Just how much testosterone is effected by Aromatization depends on the levels of aromatase in the body. the greater the levels, the more testosterone will be changed into estrogen… this is why men who in particular use steroids to build muscle are at greater risk of being effected by Aromatization. A large amount of testosterone is suddenly entering the body and therefore increased levels of  estrogen will be produced as a result.

Do Men Need Estrogen?

The male body needs a certain amount of Estrogen, it helps to maintain bone mass, and when combined in the correct levels with testosterone can lead to increased muscle tone and mass.. it also helps the muscles to recover from exercise as it controls the way the body uses glucose.

The problems from Aromatization start when too much estrogen is present in the male body.. in the presence of higher than normal testosterone ( as an example when using steroids to bodybuild) men will tend to develop gynecomastia ( man boobs, bitch tits,) decreased immunity as well as increased body fat and cholesterol problems.

In natural amounts aromatase can ensure that healthy levels of estrogen and testosterone are maintained.. as long as the balance is kept under control, any negative effects from estrogen are usually minimal.

Natural Products That Control Aromatization

The use of good quality natural testosterone boosting supplements can help boost testosterone levels without generating the spike in estrogen that is common to drug based therapies and steroids, many contain natural ingredients such as stinging nettle extract which help reduce the effects of aromatization – helping to keep the correct balance between the two crucial hormones.

More About Stinging Nettle Extract and its anti aromatase effects

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

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